Day Fifteen – Focus is a Key to Success

Today I attended a webinar on Web Analytics. It was boring, can’t really say that I learned anything other than all of the acronyms that are used when talking about analyzing web data. But it did spark something for me to consider for the business. I do need to track and analyze the traffic data from all of my websites. But recently I have really taken on too much, thus my focus has shifted and I now feel like I am missing some things.

Focus on Immediate Needs

I have taken on something new without making sure that the things I had already started are completed and today I felt that pressure. I decided that next year I will need to get some help if I am going to accomplish my goals. So I started looking for a Virtual Assistant. But during that process my focus shifted from what I was working on to a future need. Then it all became too big and overwhelming.

Focus means, “to concentrate attention or effort.”[1] In order to meet your goals and be successful, you need to be able to focus and not allow your focus shift towards things that are not related to your immediate goals. Yes, hiring a Virtual Assistant is related to my business goals, but it is not an immediate goal. It is a mid-term goal, which means it will not happen for another 3 to 6 months. The more immediate goals need to be accomplished within a one-month period. Therefore my focus should remain on them.

Getting Off Track

When you get off track and allow your focus to shift towards longer terms goals your task can seem overwhelming thus leading to confusion and anxiety. So goals should be attainable and manageable. For example what I am working on right now is an immediate goal because I need to use it this week, however it will benefit my business on a larger scale on a longer term as well. Therefore it has a bigger picture but a more immediate need. Versus the need for the Virtual Assistant, which right now I am handling things on my own. However I realized today that as I get more clients, my time spent doing administrative and operational tasks will diminish. The bigger picture shows that I will need an assistant but the need is not immediate. Therefore it is not something that needs my immediate focus.

So how do we stay focused on our immediate tasks? I have a dry erase board that lists only the immediate business tasks, projects or clients that I am focused on. Therefore these things are what usually get my focus. When I was shifted today, I did not immediately go back to what I was working on. So I took a break. I stepped away from all of it and cleared my mind so that I could get back on track. When I came back I was able to set aside the search for a Virtual Assistant and pick up where my focus should have been.

Distractions will come so you should expect them. But you need to have something that will jolt you back to your focus. Sometimes it is helpful to write out your immediate goals and post them somewhere visible so that you can quickly refer to them. Find what works for you but you need to stay focused in order to succeed.

[1] Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition. 2001

Day Fourteen – Meeting Production Goals is a Key to Success

I had specific production goals for today and I did not get as much done as I had hoped. However I did come in and get some work done. I am working on some documents for my coaching business. The development of a business is a never-ending process. I seem to get to a point where I think I have what I need then realize it is time to develop something else.

I really have a lot to get accomplished before the end of this year. Although I have accomplished much more than I could have ever imagined this year, there are still some things I need to have completed before the end of this year so that I can start some new things in January. Therefore it is going take some discipline to meet my end of the year goals.

Being productive feels good and when I see the end product it gives me a sense of accomplishment. So meeting production goals is important to maintain an adequate growth schedule. Some may think that self-employment is easy but it is not. It requires discipline, dedication and determination. Without them you will never meet your production goals and your business will not grow.

Therefore you should make sure that you work hard to meet your production goals. When setting them you should pad the completion date just in case you encounter some obstacles. The main thing is to get it done, finish what you started. Not completing a goal because you are behind schedule is not acceptable. Meeting your production goals is an important key to success.

Day Thirteen – Completion is a Key to Success

Great day! I am beginning to really like my do nothing Saturdays. I watched three movies today. Enjoyed all of them and it felt so good. I don’t watch much TV during the week. So I really enjoy watching my movies on Saturday.

How close am I to my success? How do you measure it? Doing something good for others is a good way to measure it. I watched a movie about a small town in Minnesota where this corporate executive decided to give up her career to help the people within this town. The people lived a simple life and everyone knew the other. Success for her was returning to this town that she frowned upon when she first arrived for in it she found life and success. She found a new way of life that completed her and fell in love. Isn’t being completed successful?

I know that I am asking many questions today but I believe that is part of discovering your success. When you question where you are and begin to look closely at your life, you will be able to see things that are out of place. Like the woman in the movie you will then be able to piece things together in order to complete your life and find success.

Day Twelve – Commitment is an Important Key to Success

I love Fridays because I can reflect on my week and can finally rest. I had a good week. I get so excited about my business. I learn something new everyday. I love being a coach and helping people succeed.

This week I met all of my goals except one. I am stuck in one area and that is not good. But I will get back on track. I have to reset the goal for myself and assign a new completion date. I may need to have someone hold me accountable this time. It is harder with this one thing because it is not something I really want to do but need to do. So my discipline is low with it. I don’t need anyone to hold me accountable for finding new products for my business because I am passionate about that and can do that in my sleep.

But this goal is not like that it is a practical one that needs to be done and does not illicit the same passion. But I will get it done because I committed to doing it. Commitment is a big deal, if you cannot commit to anything you will not achieve the level of success you deserve. You may continuously start things but rarely finish.

I used to be that way; I always liked the excitement of starting new things but would quit when I lost interest or when it got hard. But I realized that I had missed so many good things in my life due to lack of commitment. Therefore I had to make some changes. Today my commitment record is much better. I have seen my way through some difficult situations that I really wanted to back away from. But I saw it through to completion and learned from the experience.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. I have learned so much in the first 12 days.

Day Seven – The Finish Line

Wow we have completed the first week of 40 days to success! As I reflect back on the past week, I celebrate this first success in the journey. Although I got off track, I finished the week. I made it across the finish line. (Don’t you here the crowd cheering?)

Yesterday I had a conversation with a close friend. We have walked a similar journey in some areas of our lives. As we were reflecting we wondered why we kept repeating some patterns especially the part about moving quite frequently. Moving so much makes me feel incomplete, like I have no place to be. I have learned in my journey with God that when we have to repeat things over and over it means we did not complete the task the way he intended.

Walking in Circles

He allowed the Israelites to wander in the wilderness for 40 years for disobedience (not doing things his way). Imagine walking around the same mountain for 40 years. I wonder if any of them questioned God to find out what they had to do to stop walking in circles? Well when I find myself walking in circles, repeating the same thing two times, (okay maybe its more than twice) I begin to ask questions. I begin to examine my choices and steps to see if they are in line with the plan.

I have been in this place far too many times in the past seven years. It is an uncomfortable place for me, therefore each time that I am here I rush to get out of it. Only it is a temporary fix and then I find myself back here again. This time I have decided to do something different. I am walking the straight path towards God’s promise and plan for my life.

The Straight and Narrow Path

God intends for me to live a life of commitment and stability. He wants my commitment to him and his plan for my life, which will bring about stability. This is a straight and narrow path that leads only to God. But I have been so focused on doing it my way, to hurry up and get out of the uncomfortable place, that I keep ending up walking in circles. But that uncomfortable place can be a place of growth and propel you into your permanent placement, but with growth comes pain and sacrifice. I don’t know too many people who welcome either.

This time I have committed myself to this process. I am not rushing to get out this time. I will walk out this time and never return to this path again. I have also verbally spoken this into existence, it has happened in other areas of my life and true to my word I never walked in those circles again. Therefore I declare today that I will step off the path of moving constantly and commit myself to God’s process towards stability. This is the last year my children and I will live with relatives and friends. Going forward we will have our own and declare that we will always have a place to be as long as we walk the path with God.

Day Three – Writing is My Destiny

My day started off with the completion of a coaching arrangement. I am really satisfied with the results of the coaching because I accomplished my goals. We talked about my writing and it was confirmed in the session that writing is my destiny.

I published an article today. I have not written since September. That is not good since writing is supposed to be my profession now. How will I get paid if I don’t write? Sometimes I don’t know what to write or I get anxious about the process of writing. I overcame that today and went for it with an idea that came to me this afternoon.

Today was the first struggle to find something to write about on the journey. But I just started typing and here it is. I watched a show on TBN today, I like watching Christian shows. It was like they were all talking directly to me. I heard that your promise is on the way. God has you in a transformation and you will have to step out away from the crowd to get what was promised. This sounds so much like what I am doing now. I am taking such a leap walking away from what would be the norm for others and taking a different path.

So I will keep going see you on day four.