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5-Day Wellness Challenge

Discover the Benefits of Wellness Coaching and jumpstart your self-care journey in five Days with Coach Athena.
You will explore:

  1. Creating a personalized wellness and mindfulness self-care plan
  2. Setting and achieving personal and collective goals
  3. Holistic wellness coaching techniques
  4. Wellness products
  5. Developing self-discipline, self-motivation, and purpose
  6. Cultivating a growth mindset

Spiritual Clarity Readings
Embark on a transformative journey with our Wisdom Walk Reading – a guided exploration into the realms of wisdom, intuition, and self-discovery.
✨ Join us on this virtual stroll through the pages of insight as we delve into the profound messages that the universe holds for you.

Your Wisdom Walk Reading is more than just a tarot or oracle card session; it's a soulful adventure designed to offer clarity, inspiration, and guidance. Coach Athena will gently guide you through the cards, unlocking the mysteries that may be waiting to unfold in your life.

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5-Day Wellness Challenge
The Life Calling Coach Presents the Five Day Wellness Challenge
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Coaching Courses & Memberships

  • Discover Your Life Path Coaching Membership

    Ready to GROW! This 6-month coaching membership will jumpstart your new beginnings. Personalized one-to-one spiritual coaching and live instruction with Coach Athena. Learn More

  • Discover Your Life Path Coaching Course

    Unlock the key to your destiny! Our top-notch 6-week coaching course is a life-changer, revealing your true purpose in life, business, relationships or ministry. Join the next Discover Your Life Path Coaching Cohort to get your own personal cheerleader, Coach Athena, who will guide you every step of the way!

  • Course Testimonial

    "Athena is a wonderful life coach. She helped me see that my life was out of balance and that a lot of things were draining my energy and distracting me from focusing on my dreams and reaching my goals. She also helped me understand the importance of your purpose and calling in life." (Google Review)

What Are You Rooted In? Planting Seeds of Purpose Series

Life Coaching Books, Journals, and self-care workbooks that allow you to continue your journey at home, at your pace.

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