The Power of Faith

Believe that God can do all things.
You have to believe to activate your faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Faith must be activated before its evidence can be seen. The woman who had an issue of blood for many years had enough faith to believe that if she could only touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she could gain her healing. She did not need him to acknowledge her or lay hands on her. She just needed a touch.

I recently experienced a similar situation. Not for myself but for a friend who has been sick for many months and suffered several setbacks. My friend is in another state and I have not been able to visit in person. I have been praying and fasting on their behalf. But I strongly believed in my heart and spirit that if I could only transfer the spirit of healing  with a touch that it would make such a difference.

I know that God gave us the power to cast out demons and heal through the power of the Holy Spirit. But it doesn’t work if you don’t believe. Just like in Matthew 17 when the disciples tried to cast out a demon from a little boy and could not. Jesus came in spoke to the demon and it fled. When the disciples asked why they could not do it, Jesus told them that their lack of faith is what prevented them from casting out the demon.

I have never experienced this level of faith before, where I was willing to risk it all just to believe that He can! But I do! I have taken several steps in the past month on faith. I applied for a place to live for my family and the people I talk to about it ask me, “How are you going to do that?” My reply is “by faith!” I mean it because I don’t have anything else.

I know that I am moving and by faith I started packing over the weekend. I packed up three boxes. I also believe by faith that my friend is healed. I, like the woman with the issue, believed that if I were only able to touch my friend with the power of love and the Holy spirit that it would activate God’s healing power. So that is what I did and it is done.

Now I wait in expectation for the evidence of faith knowing it is already done.

The Godly Touch

The fast ended on the day before Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for as a result of the fast. Many times when you begin a fast you don’t really know what it will bring. You may start with one thing in mind, but end up with something totally different. For me this fast was about favor, but I did not know specifically what type of favor. But then it wasn’t really about me either.

I found favor in so many areas during this fast, but so did the people around me. I am so thankful to be allowed to touch the lives of others. God showed me how he allows me to do that during this fast. I really spent time in his presence hearing from the Spirit. God has really overwhelmed me with his presence. I love it when he is at work because it so smooth and natural. Flawless!

We traveled for the holiday and when we made the initial plans were not sure whether or rather how things would work out. But God orchestrated every step. From getting the rental car, which I got a bargain on, to getting the provision to travel and enjoy the trip. My children and I felt free and excited to have an experience that would bring so much joy to us. But for me it was about the greeting we received when we arrived. My friend’s family greeted us so warmly and made us feel very loved. Just like the prodigal son who returned home.

God taught me about the power of a Godly touch. How it can bring about healing and restoration. That is why there is so much power in the laying of hands because it acts as a conduit, a means of transferring energy from one source to another. You may ask yourself, “What do I have to transfer?” Just think about all that God has poured into you. When I think about what he has poured into me over this fast I realize that it is not just for me, but for me to share with others through the conduit he has activated. I know that God has anointed me to give spiritual life to those who are suffering and it is transferred through that Godly touch.

That is what God has done and what I will continue to do in my ministry. I will administer the Godly touch to those whom he tells me so that they can experience the life of freedom and joy promised by God.

Week Two of the Favor Fast

Week two of the favor fast ended with a bang. Friday was such a busy day for me and God used it to show off. Let me walk you through my day.

I woke at my regular time and got the kids off to school. I had several appointments that day so I had to get started early. As I had shared with you in the last post my credit report was an issue for the last apartment complex I applied to, therefore I placed that credit report on the alter at church for God’s favor.

Well Friday my first appointment was with another apartment complex. The evidence of the favor fast began with the waiving of the application fee and went on from there. I was pre-approved for an apartment with a low security deposit using the same credit report dressed with God’s favor. Praise him!

Then it was on to my oldest son’s school for his annual IEP meeting. More good news and evidence of the favor fast working, as I learned that he is doing so well they are going to get place him in honors classes in the next school year. He has a 4.0 which he is so proud of and I am praying for continued favor that he will have his pick of colleges with a full scholarship.

My final appointment for the day was with a client. We have been working on her project for over six months, so we are trying to launch by January. One of he business associates attended the meeting. I found much favor with him, as he continuously asked me questions about the type of work I do. By the end of the meeting, he basically said I would be hearing from someone at his company because he wanted to find a way to work with me. Now if that is not a direct result of the favor fast then someone must be spiritually blind.

My day ended at school and I was not prepared for my group assignment. But I found favor in that as well because I was able to pull some last minute resources from my laptop that was directly related to the discussion topic.

What a blessed day this was! But the most extraordinary thing is that I am expecting to walk in this type of favor for the rest of my life. This is my promise from God, as long as I remain faithful and obedient to his word. Which I have no reason not to. I have never lived this good on my own. My life without God has been one constant struggle and I have fallen face first in the mud more times than I care to admit. But since I committed my life and everything in it to God I have not seen that mud again.

Week One of the Favor Fast


Wow is all I can say. Fasting is a real experience. By shutting out the distractions and noise of the flesh you open your spirit up to see things that you would normally miss.

I do have a testimony, I have experienced favor already. I am looking for a new place to live and was turned down at the first place. I was not upset because it was not for me. Well God directed me to another community, I made an appointment but was unable to keep it. When I called to reschedule they offered to waive my application fee and to give me a preliminary answer the same day. Praise God for favor.

This past Sunday we ended the first week of the fast by bringing our bills to church for them to be prayed over. I put a copy of my credit report on that alter and when I watched them scoop everything up off the alter, after prayer, I could feel that debt being lifted off of me. All the debts on my report are old debts from that old life. Then the word ushered in confirmation of my new life of peace and prosperity.

I am so excited because things are moving and although everything has not fully manifested they are visible to me. This was evidenced by a dream I had last night where everything was complete. Nothing missing, nothing broken, wholeness, prosperity and peace.

Praise God for his grace, glory and favor.

The Favor Fast

I am a member of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore Maryland. We have done several corporate fasts all of which produced some remarkable spiritual results. I documented my journey during one of our 21-day fasts a few years ago in my personal journal. But this time I decided to share my journey with you.

I was a little confused over the weekend because my schedule is absolutely crazy right now. So Sunday I woke up and was ready to eat a good breakfast (my favorite is pancakes) but I suddenly remembered the fast. I got ready to observe, I did not have pancakes and I also gave up my coffee. Only to learn after church that the fast was set to begin on Monday. Go figure! It was ok though because I got myself prepared for it a day early.

So the morning of the fast is here and I am ready mentally and spiritually. Pastor gave us several options on how to fast even the option to fast from electronics (I did not choose that one). I decided upon a Daniel’s fast, which means I only eat fruits,vegetables, water and juice. I have successfully done this fast in the past but yesterday my body responded quite differently. By the time I got home I was weak and had a headache. I was getting sick. This had happened to me before on a fast, I actually got Lyme disease (go figure). Satan thought he had me, thought I was going to break the fast, but I didn’t. I altered the fast to accommodate my health but I completed the entire 21 days of the fast.

So I will have to alter this fast to ensure that I don’t get sick. Sickness is not from God and is a deterrent to try to get me to quit. I also realize that while I am healthy my body is not the same and my schedule is very heavy right now so I cannot fast in a way that will diminish my strength.

This fast is about favor. We want to open up the heavens and activate God’s favor in every area of our lives. This is ordained because God has said that he would provide for his people even in a famine. Just in case you haven’t noticed we are in a famine. The only ones who are not feeling the pinch of this economy are the rich people who got richer after the so called recession ended. But that’s another post.

God has given the same word to His prophets about elevating his people and prospering us during this famine. This fast for me acts as the next level of activation. Last week I visited another church and had a prophet prophecy that God wanted him to activate my harvest. It was an incredible release and it took me several days to recover from it. But now I am ready to receive God’s favor and I feel GREAT!

Stand in the Face of Opposition

“Only do not two [things] unto me: then will I not hide myself from thee. Withdraw thine hand far from me and let not they dread make me afraid.” Job 13:20-21

Job probably faced more opposition than many of us and did not know why? Having lived his life as a true man of God he could not understand the current state of his life.

There are two things that helped Job survive the worst ordeal of his life. First he asked God not to withdraw his hand from him, which shows that he knew his strength was grounded in God. Second he asked that he use that strength to give him extraordinary faith, so that he would not be afraid.

It is a natural instinct for us to become afraid of things we don’t understand. But fear is a weapon of defeat not of victory. Fear opposes faith. You cannot stand in the face of opposition when you are running from fear. In order to stand and face opposition, you must first know where to draw your strength. David stood before Goliath when no other man in the army would. He did so because he knew the source of his strength.

“David said moreover, The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.” 1 Samuel 17:37

The source of your strength is in the hand of God. That strength supports your faith and allows you to stand in the face of opposition and win.

Just in case you didn’t know David killed Goliath (with a slingshot and a rock) and Job recovered from deathly illness and emotional turmoil with no evidence of either ever occurring.

Nothing Missing Nothing Broken

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers.”

Third John 1:2 (AMP)


Yesterday I sowed a seed to a ministry. I do this often but this time it was different. This is a test of my faith. I know what level I am supposed to be living at yet I find myself with much less. I am not accepting this by any means. I know that it is simply a stepping-stone.

Did you know that as a child of God you are promised a life of prosperity and wealth? I don’t necessarily mean wealth in money and material things. There are many people who have a lot of “things” but are poor in their spirit and in other areas of their lives. I recently learned that rich means being fully supplied in all areas of your life. You are lacking nothing. Look at your life. Are you rich?

When I first heard this I felt a sense of relief because I have always had a wealthy spirit. I find accepting less is not comfortable for me anymore. When I got laid off, I moved in with family members. I did not understand this especially since I knew that I did not have to live this way. God has made ways for me in impossible situations before; surely he could have done the same this time. But here I am and it has not been okay. Now don’t get me wrong I am not ungrateful and am very thankful because he is taking care of me. However, I know the standard of life that God has for me and once you live it you don’t settle for less than that.

I am now looking to move on and I realize that I can’t go back to the life I lived before. God has set a standard for my life and by faith I expectantly look for him to provide for me according to that standard. I sowed my seed on behalf of my family that we would have the following:

  1. A strife-free home
  2. God will put me in the center of my assignment (purpose)
  3. God will give me a financial Boaz

I received this from Mike Murdock yesterday and it was as if God had crafted this just for me. These are the three areas I am poor in right now. Therefore I am expecting abundance in these areas because God said that I am not supposed to be poor in any area of my life. I am slapping poverty in the face and speaking abundance that will follow my children and their children for many generations to come.

Yesterday I visited a web site for a company that sold insurance. The parent company has been in existence since the early nineteen hundreds and on the site they represented the lineage of those who ran the company over the years, there were at least three or four generations. This is the type of legacy that God wants us to have. He wants us to get back to the days when we were able to pass the torch on to our children like Abraham did and keep the blessing going. That is what I am expecting.

What are you expecting?

Celebrate Love

Love is on the Horizon
Love is on the Horizon

I watched a show tonight about Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, getting married. It was sad to watch him struggle with his condition but I was inspired by his zest for life. He was so excited about getting married. During the show another morbidly obese man in his town died. He is working very hard to lose the weight and regain his mobility.

It stirred something in me as I watched show. I imagine that it is probably the love he shares with his wife that fuels him and keeps him motivated. He has lost over 400 pounds and while he has much more to go he is optimistic. Love is so powerful and can give you the strength of ten people just knowing that someone loves you enough to stand by you when you are weak. To see the best in you even when you can’t or anyone else for that matter.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealously as cruel as the grave;
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house,
it would be utterly despised.”
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

I absolutely love this scripture because it speaks to the true essence of heartfelt and passionate love. As long as the beloved knows that she is secure in his heart she can feel secure. Isn’t that what we all are seeking? That true unconditional love that is 100% committed and gives you the confidence to do anything.

 It exists and better yet it is something God can give us and he has preordained for us to have with another person. Don’t count out love yet. If you have not found the one that you want to set you, as a seal upon their heart, don’t worry they are out there.

Day 33 – Revelation is a Key to Success

Today was a revelation day for me. I know I am headed into new horizons and I need to know what I am looking for. God gave me that vision today. I have been depressed for the last few days. I was not sure about the exact source of the sadness but today my eyes were opened.

I was allowed to see the painful truth of my life, while some of it was nothing new to me. Most of it was still quite depressing and sad. Somehow I had allowed myself to have a pity party for a few days. Today as I was listening to an audio book, which will become our next journey, I realized that I have lost my contentment.

Why was I no longer content with what God had given me? Why was I so unhappy all of a sudden? I realized that the truth hurts and can throw you into a pity party. However although I was faced with some harsh reality, I also was allowed to get a glimpse of where I am going. This reality is necessary so that today will be the last day that I have to live in this harsh reality.

Okay so what does that mean? It does not mean that tomorrow I will magically walk out of the situation. It means that this path is necessary for me to get to my next destination. I will need to focus on implementing the vision that God has given me within the allotted time. It means I have to suck it up and realize that things could be much worse than what they are and return to my state of contentment.

I have never experienced a depression during the holidays. I know others who have. I did not like it and when I wrote my list of last time things I stated that this is the last holiday season that I will spend depressed.

So my challenge to you is to use the power of your voice and pen. Write out your list of last time things. 2011 holds so much for you but you have to be ready to let go of those things that will hinder you. Write your list today!

Day 25 – Cycle of Failure Builds with Anger

Anger builds up because you are unable to forgive yourself or others for mistakes that have caused pain. Perhaps you were hurt and you are holding on to the hurt and the unforgiveness, which eventually turns into anger. You then become angry with yourself, your life, and the person who hurt you or even the world.

Do you know how many angry people are walking around in this world? Most are angry over things that happened many years ago. Anger that is not properly dealt with can become toxic to you and others around you. You will find yourself yelling at others when they have not done anything to you.

If you are a fighter you may find yourself always engaged in a physical fight over something minor. The anger that builds up during the altercation rarely warrants the actions. It builds from the deep-rooted anger inside you and becomes a boiling pot.

It is especially hard for women who are angry because they can sometimes be called a ?itch, a woman scorned. They are not pleasant to be around and you certainly do not want to feel their wrath. I remember the movie Delores Claiborne where the older rich lady never got along with anybody, only her housekeeper Delores. She told Delores one day that sometimes being a ?itch is all a woman has. What a statement to make about yourself. Indeed, when you are not able to conquer your anger and deal with your past hurts being a ?itch is all you will have.

So today I offer you this prayer to help against anger.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in humility and lowliness of mind. I acknowledge my sin of anger and I repent and turn away from that way to walk in Your chosen paths of righteousness. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness, pride, hate, rage, bitterness, resentment, strife, contention, taking offense, giving offense, misplaced hostility, indifference and all forms of anger in my life. Father fill me in all of these areas that were set free with Your love and Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.