The state of the economy challenged many to examine their professional lives as they lose jobs they once believed would be there until retirement. Losing a job you really wanted or needed does something to your perspective. Suddenly things don’t look the same anymore.

A woman woke up one morning, went about her usual routine only to realize that something had changed. She no longer felt the same zest she had before perhaps it was because she was sitting at the kitchen table alone. Her youngest had started college a few weeks ago, her husband was off to his job and there she was. Alone!

A man who has invested 20 years in one company questions his next move. He was recently offered a job that he has waited his entire career for, but he’s not so sure its what he wants. He sits in his office and remembers the first day on this job. He was so excited and eager to learn everything. Now he barely makes it to work on time each morning, noticing that it takes him longer to get motivated each day. He begins to question what he would do if he did not take this job. Is there something more meaningful for him?
Self Revelation

The people mentioned above have entered into some level of self-revelation as they ponder their current life choices and whether they are still meeting the same level of fulfillment in their lives. Prior to identifying your life purpose you must first know who you are and what it will take to fulfill you.

There are many ways to go about this task, but the biggest step is realizing that a change is necessary, then taking steps to learn more about who you are and what things interest you. This journey can be challenging especially if you have not spent much time with yourself. The lady in the first scenario probably hasn’t spent much time with herself because as a full-time mother she has made her children her focus and was not paying close attention to her own interests.

Work vs. Fulfillment

Many people are now on the search for fulfillment in their lives. No longer satisfied with making a big paycheck or finding a job with a good company people have begun to wonder if their lives have meaning. If so, should the work they do have meaning as well? Was I created for a purpose? That is the question they ask themselves.

The American dream consists of finding a good job, paying your bills, buying a home and raising your family. Most never thought that there should be more in life. But there are some who don’t follow this path. They devote their lives to service such as becoming a nun, a priest, a minister, volunteering or creating organizations that help serve a community. These people are usually not the norm but the exception. Surely their lives have meaning right?

One can achieve fulfillment in work without devoting their entire life to the types of service listed above. There are many people who are re-evaluating their career choices and choosing careers that bring them fulfillment rather than just a paycheck.

The Next Step

Finding one’s purpose in life is rapidly becoming more important. 41% of consumer requests submitted to Noomii.com for life coaching services were related to discovering one’s purpose in life or career. Where do you stand on this question? Are you living on purpose or by accident?

To learn more about discovering your purpose, there are many resources and entry points available. Choosing one that fits you depends upon who you are. There are Christian based programs that help people discover God’s plan for their lives, one of which is the bestseller The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Another spiritually based approach is A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. Working with a Life Coach is an excellent way to discover your purpose in life as well.

Whatever avenue you choose, it is a spiritual journey that begins with God. Knowing that you are connected to God who has placed you here for a specific reason fuels the journey towards purpose and brings forth peace, prosperity and clarity.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching only you are the player and the sport is living the best life you can. Living by focus, on purpose and not by accident.

As your life coach I am your:

  • Cheering squad – cheer you towards victory
  • Defensive coordinator – push you to work hard and stay focused
  • Play coach – help you develop your strategy and game plan so you can focus on meeting your goals.

I listen intently and reflect on what is said to help you use God’s word to focus and implement your life purpose.

Day Two – Set Your Compass

I attended my older son’s honor roll assembly today. He has a 3.9 GPA, impressive but he learned today that one student had a 4.125. He was shocked by that and also decided that was his new goal. He made the decision with little effort and has set his compass towards that mark.

Make up Your Mind

After writing out my vision of success it is now time to chart the course. The first thing to do is make up my mind about the direction I am going in. I looked at some condos today and decided that we are going to buy a condo instead of house. It is more practical since I am a single mom. I found two available in the area where we would like to live. One of them will be ours.

I decided to continue with my pursuit of education. I am currently studying to take my insurance exam. I will also resume my studies to become a Certified Internet Webmaster and will start a course to become a Certified Power Coach in January. I stopped attending college in 2003 and decided to resume my pursuit of a degree. Only I will get an Associates Degree from the local community college in Computer Information Systems with a focus on web design. So my goal is to be a licensed Life/Health Insurance agent, a Certified Internet Webmaster, a Certified Power Coach and have an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems. (In that order)

Employee vs. Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur not an employee. Therefore I will continue building my business. I got turned down for another job today. Is this a sign. Besides if I were supposed to be an employee, I would have a job by now.

I will not incur any new debt and will pay my bills on time. This is going to be a challenge since I need to fund my business venture and cannot go into debt to accomplish this. But it will happen.

Self Development

I am investing in ME. I have decided to fore-go a new relationship until after I have fulfilled all of my self-development goals. Twenty years ago I was at a similar crossroad where I had the opportunity to start fresh and work on me. Had I a little more insight I would have taken the next five years and focused on Athena. But instead I got married. They say hindsight is 20/20, so I am about to be single again and will not to enter into a relationship for at least the next five years.

These decisions were made effortlessly, just like my son. Perhaps that is because they were already ingrained in me to carry forth, just like my son. He was meant to be a 4.125 honor student that is why he can recognize where he belongs. Things have never been so clear and so scary at the same time. I have not talked about the fear but it is there. I am stepping over it and I will keep going.