Day 38 – Life Balance is a Key to Success

We have talked about many things that are keys to success. Although many of the items refer to operating a business these keys are not just for career or business purposes. You can apply these keys towards your personal areas as well.

I have a few personal areas that I am working on as well and want to succeed in. I am applying the keys to them as well. Today I heard some good news about someone else who has achieved a level of personal success. They are starting a new family and a new life. I was so excited about that.

But at the same time it made me look at my own personal success. I cannot measure my success by someone else’s so I had to look at my personal life to see if it requires some of the same attention that I have given to my business life. The answer is yes. So I have decided to work on my personal success as well.

Having a balanced life is important. Giving all of your attention to one area will pull resources from others and cause a deficit. While my business is very important, as it will affect my ability to take care of my family, it is not worth sacrificing other areas of my life.

So as you pursue your goals make sure that you divide your time equally and don’t neglect any areas of your life. Having a well-balanced lifestyle is an essential key to success.

Day 21 – Proper Training is a Key to Success

I am tired and mentally drained. I never wrote like this before and now realize that it takes so much. It comes from deep within and requires a high level of mental and emotional energy to keep up this pace.

Stamina is required to go the distance in any situation. When athletes are preparing for a big game or event they go through months of training to increase their stamina, so that they can perform at optimal level during the big game. I am finding that the same applies to any big goal. If you are taking on something that you have never done before you will need to prepare yourself. You may find that you are doing it but it is zapping all of your energy.

So how do we prepare ourselves to do something we have never done before? Big question that does not have a single answer. Since the work I am doing taps into my mental and emotional energy I have begun to meditate more. To allow my mind to be refreshed and restore my energy levels. It also helps to just have quiet time that does not require any mental stimulation. After much rest today, I felt much better and was able to write for today.

When you are on the road to your destiny remember to train for the race. Train and refine your skills and find tools that will renew your energy along the way. This will give you the stamina you need for your journey.

Day Six – A Day of Rest

Do you know I have always been my own coach and I push myself? But I never knew how to unwind and just rest. I would push myself to exhaustion; I guess sometimes I still do, based upon what happened yesterday. 🙂

But about a year ago I started to take a day of rest. I adopted Saturdays as my day of rest. It is my day to do whatever I want, I don’t serve others on this day. I don’t cook and if I want to stay in bed and watch TV that is what I do.

In the beginning my family would continue to ask me what was for dinner and I would have to remind them that it is Saturday, my day of rest. Now, my children never starve, my two boys are old enough to cook for themselves and I still take care of my little one. But it is really a day of rest for me. I have found that it is a much-needed rest. Sometimes I get bored and get tempted to open my laptop but I don’t.

When I wake up Sunday morning, I am refreshed and ready to begin my new week. I get my word in the morning from my Pastor and then I go about my day to prepare for the upcoming week. Sunday is a big cooking day for me. I always like to have a nice dinner on Sundays and I bake the kids a treat.

Take a day of rest and refresh yourself, God did. You are not going to lose anything by taking a day of rest.

See you on day seven.