Day Ten – It is Random, But Great

Sometimes I can be a workaholic because I like to make sure things are done. But I will admit that I don’t always know when to quit. But I am learning to read the cues. As long as I meet the goals that I set for a given day it is okay to shut it down. I completed what I needed for today but some things came up that made me want to keep going. But I cut it off and said enough.

On some nights I struggle with writing a post. But I have to write something because I committed to this 40-day journey. So it is realistic that you will not always have the most profound or long piece. That is what I am learning, but most importantly that it is okay. On the days that I have a good piece it is great. But on these days when it is random it is equally great.

My day was productive and quite satisfying therefore I am okay with ending it and leaving all new things until tomorrow. I have found writing these daily posts to be a good way to end my day. It gives me time to reflect on my day and take daily inventory. I am sure as I go back and re-read these I will begin to discover new things about myself. Like I have done with my journaling.

Writing is a good release and the perfect way to end the day.

Day Five – Time to Empower

Guess what happened today I fell asleep before I was able to write about day five. I have been working so hard this week to stay on my schedule. Writing each post at almost midnight and getting up at 5:30 a.m. to start my day. By Friday evening I was exhausted and fell asleep early before completing my post.

But I must stay true to what I started and complete the post even if it’s late. Today was a refreshing day and the perfect end to the week. I am a Life Coach and God has blessed me with a gift to help people succeed.  It gives me such joy to know that someone’s life will change for the better after experiencing coaching.

I sent out a letter to the top 100 friends and associates in my life and asked them to help support this vision God has given me for coaching. There are many people who need the services I provide and I want to get the word out to as many people as I can. It is time to empower people to excel.

I have also decided as a Christmas gift I am giving away 10 Time to Soar coaching packages. I believe in sowing seeds into people’s lives.  So beginning in January 2011 ten people will begin a journey that will take them to heights that they have never been before.

While there is still LIFE there is HOPE. If you are still breathing it is not too late to empower someone today or to allow someone else to empower you. Don’t be afraid to give and sow into others.

See you on day six.

Day Four – Taking Financial Inventory

Today was a productive day. It is the beginning of the month so I always go over the financial items to make sure I have accounted for everything. As I was doing so I decided to work on some financial projections for 2011. In order for me to know where I am going, I have to know what I will need. It is important to document every part of this journey because it will become the path towards making it a reality.

So I mapped out how much I want to make next year. Since I have several revenue streams I can combine them to make a nice profitable business for myself. One of the things that are most important to me is to keep my coaching services affordable. I believe that coaching is such a great experience and it should be accessible to all. Most coaches charge a minimum of $300 per month. I cannot afford to pay that right now and even if I could I would probably find issue with the price. I am a frugal person and believe in getting the most for my money.

My business philosophy has always been that you don’t have to be big to look big. Meaning you don’t have to spend the big money to have a professional, high quality presence. Things can be affordable without sacrificing quality. I believe it and find it in many areas. It just involves shopping around to find the best value.

So I took financial inventory today and now know what I want to achieve financially for 2011. The next step will be to chart out the course to meet those goals.

See you on day five.

Day Three – Writing is My Destiny

My day started off with the completion of a coaching arrangement. I am really satisfied with the results of the coaching because I accomplished my goals. We talked about my writing and it was confirmed in the session that writing is my destiny.

I published an article today. I have not written since September. That is not good since writing is supposed to be my profession now. How will I get paid if I don’t write? Sometimes I don’t know what to write or I get anxious about the process of writing. I overcame that today and went for it with an idea that came to me this afternoon.

Today was the first struggle to find something to write about on the journey. But I just started typing and here it is. I watched a show on TBN today, I like watching Christian shows. It was like they were all talking directly to me. I heard that your promise is on the way. God has you in a transformation and you will have to step out away from the crowd to get what was promised. This sounds so much like what I am doing now. I am taking such a leap walking away from what would be the norm for others and taking a different path.

So I will keep going see you on day four.