Week Two of the Favor Fast

Week two of the favor fast ended with a bang. Friday was such a busy day for me and God used it to show off. Let me walk you through my day.

I woke at my regular time and got the kids off to school. I had several appointments that day so I had to get started early. As I had shared with you in the last post my credit report was an issue for the last apartment complex I applied to, therefore I placed that credit report on the alter at church for God’s favor.

Well Friday my first appointment was with another apartment complex. The evidence of the favor fast began with the waiving of the application fee and went on from there. I was pre-approved for an apartment with a low security deposit using the same credit report dressed with God’s favor. Praise him!

Then it was on to my oldest son’s school for his annual IEP meeting. More good news and evidence of the favor fast working, as I learned that he is doing so well they are going to get place him in honors classes in the next school year. He has a 4.0 which he is so proud of and I am praying for continued favor that he will have his pick of colleges with a full scholarship.

My final appointment for the day was with a client. We have been working on her project for over six months, so we are trying to launch by January. One of he business associates attended the meeting. I found much favor with him, as he continuously asked me questions about the type of work I do. By the end of the meeting, he basically said I would be hearing from someone at his company because he wanted to find a way to work with me. Now if that is not a direct result of the favor fast then someone must be spiritually blind.

My day ended at school and I was not prepared for my group assignment. But I found favor in that as well because I was able to pull some last minute resources from my laptop that was directly related to the discussion topic.

What a blessed day this was! But the most extraordinary thing is that I am expecting to walk in this type of favor for the rest of my life. This is my promise from God, as long as I remain faithful and obedient to his word. Which I have no reason not to. I have never lived this good on my own. My life without God has been one constant struggle and I have fallen face first in the mud more times than I care to admit. But since I committed my life and everything in it to God I have not seen that mud again.

Week One of the Favor Fast


Wow is all I can say. Fasting is a real experience. By shutting out the distractions and noise of the flesh you open your spirit up to see things that you would normally miss.

I do have a testimony, I have experienced favor already. I am looking for a new place to live and was turned down at the first place. I was not upset because it was not for me. Well God directed me to another community, I made an appointment but was unable to keep it. When I called to reschedule they offered to waive my application fee and to give me a preliminary answer the same day. Praise God for favor.

This past Sunday we ended the first week of the fast by bringing our bills to church for them to be prayed over. I put a copy of my credit report on that alter and when I watched them scoop everything up off the alter, after prayer, I could feel that debt being lifted off of me. All the debts on my report are old debts from that old life. Then the word ushered in confirmation of my new life of peace and prosperity.

I am so excited because things are moving and although everything has not fully manifested they are visible to me. This was evidenced by a dream I had last night where everything was complete. Nothing missing, nothing broken, wholeness, prosperity and peace.

Praise God for his grace, glory and favor.