Living on Purpose: Brett Ledbetter – Building Your Inner Coach


Living on Purpose: Brett Ledbetter

Brett gives a clear and driven talk about developing your inner coach. He uses information that he learned from some of the top sports coaches to develop this process for building your inner coach.

Life Coaching foundation comes from that of sports coaching. The only difference is the results and the processes. But the role of the coach is the same. I hope this gives you good information that can prepare you for the Life Coaching journey.

Thank you for living on purpose Brett and sharing your knowledge.

Day 38 – Life Balance is a Key to Success

We have talked about many things that are keys to success. Although many of the items refer to operating a business these keys are not just for career or business purposes. You can apply these keys towards your personal areas as well.

I have a few personal areas that I am working on as well and want to succeed in. I am applying the keys to them as well. Today I heard some good news about someone else who has achieved a level of personal success. They are starting a new family and a new life. I was so excited about that.

But at the same time it made me look at my own personal success. I cannot measure my success by someone else’s so I had to look at my personal life to see if it requires some of the same attention that I have given to my business life. The answer is yes. So I have decided to work on my personal success as well.

Having a balanced life is important. Giving all of your attention to one area will pull resources from others and cause a deficit. While my business is very important, as it will affect my ability to take care of my family, it is not worth sacrificing other areas of my life.

So as you pursue your goals make sure that you divide your time equally and don’t neglect any areas of your life. Having a well-balanced lifestyle is an essential key to success.

Day 26 – Cycle of Failure Immobilizes with Fear

You may have this type of thought pattern: “I am so mad at him for hurting me, why did he do this to me? Why do I have to keep getting hurt? Why do I keep choosing the wrong people/path? I am so angry that it keeps me from allowing others into my life. What if I end up alone because of my anger?”

This thought pattern keeps you going in circles turning the hurt and anger over and over in your head. Then you begin to realize that your anger does affect your other relationships so then you become scared, fearful that you will be alone and keep new relationships from blooming in your life. The fear then takes over and you become immobilized, unable to move in any direction.

You can become fearful of things such as:

  • Fear of acting upon the anger
  • Fear of being rejected again
  • Fear of experiencing the same pain again
  • Fear that you will never get out of this cycle
  • Fear that you will die under the generational curse
  • Fear that your children will suffer from your inability to overcome this
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear that if you really stood up for what you wanted you would not be accepted, not be loved and end up alone.

The fears begin to engulf you and take over your thinking, your actions and your feelings, which results in depression. To conquer fear you must face it head on and rid yourself of the self-defeating thought patterns. So today I offer you a prayer for mind cleansing and clarity. Once your thoughts are clear you will be able to handle those fearful thoughts and not allow them to overtake you.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you now as humbly as I know how and ask you according to John 14: 13-14, to wash over my mind with the blood of Jesus and cleanse out all darkness and all thoughts that are contrary to Your will and destiny for my life. I ask You to shut any doors that need to be shut whether spiritual or natural, and to open any doors that need to be opened whether spiritual or natural in my life. Father, I ask you to give me clarity of vision, clarity of sight, clarity of thought, clarity of mind, clarity of knowing, and hearing Your voice according to John 16:23.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


Day Eighteen – Following Your Calling is a Key to Success

I talk about change quite a bit. Perhaps its because nothing in the last seven years of my life has remained the same. There has been change in every area of my life. Not bad changes just major changes. Today my life does not look like anything I am used to. Next year my life will look even more different.

My goal is to live the life that God has already predestined for me. To surrender my wants and to adopt his will. I have been seeking what would please me and not God. Thinking that I could not do without those things I was holding on to so tightly. I can specifically remember that God told me to let go of something almost two years ago and I was disobedient. I did not do it. But that thing has since become something that I cannot stand. It has become something that is detestable to me. I know full well that my feelings about it will not change. I don’t know why God said to let it go but I will never know why if I don’t. Therefore today I surrendered it to God.

Season of Calling

My path is already laid out and it is very specific. There are many things that God has for me to do. They require all of my dedication and determination. January marks the beginning of that season. The season of calling where all that do will be related to the calling on my life. Every person in my life will have place in that calling. Not that I don’t still love my friends but I have to be obedient and focus on what God has given me. So I ask my friends to understand in advance that it is not personal. I still love them dearly but right now it is all about God and my calling.

Are you ready to prosper? What will it require for you to position yourself to follow God’s chosen path for your life? Do you realize that is your road to prosperity? Living your calling, whatever it is, is your path towards prosperity. If you want to learn more about finding your calling or being able to clearly understand how all of this relates to you, please contact me. I will give you a free initial consultation to help you determine your path towards prosperity.

Day Eleven – The Internet is a Success Tool

The Internet is full of so much information. I have to limit myself because I will get lost searching and discovering new things. Well today I found some new tools to help me in building my business. I cannot wait to implement them. I will be attending a webinar tomorrow for one of them.

It is amazing how the Internet has changed how we do business. Years ago you needed to have printed brochures and other marketing materials to get the word out about your business. But now you can use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with millions of people at a fraction of the cost. Instead of sending them a glossy brochure you send them to your website.

When I started my business ten years ago having a web presence was still an option. I had brochures, post cards, business cards and other printed materials to market my company. I marketed mainly through word of mouth and mailing campaigns. When I revamped the business earlier this year, I found my old brochures and they were not useful anymore. I started to redesign a new one but realized that it really would not be needed. Instead I built a new website that has all the information contained in the brochure.

Eventually I will design some print material, I am just not sure what it will be right now. Presently the only printed materials I have are my business cards and some rack cards that promote one of my workshops. But I don’t give very many of the rack cards away. I do give away business cards. I don’t believe they will ever go out of existence.

I have been complimented on my websites, which I am glad to hear that they are making an impact. I have always strongly believed that you have to have a professional web presence and it should be current. You don’t know how many websites I have visited that have outdated content on them. Many small business owners put up a website with a little content that explains what they are doing and never visit the site again for months. I don’t go any further than the outdated pages and rarely will I return to the site.

Most times I find useful tips and information but sometimes I do end up getting lessons on what not to do. I have learned a lot from other business owners, just like I know others have learned from me. Do your homework, know your competition, know your industry and have a professional web site if you are going to be successful in business.

Day Eight – The Season of Success

It’s a new season, it’s a new day and it is time to get to work. My pastor preached about a week ago that God was going to accelerate your process. He said to activate those things that you had planned to implement on January 1, 2011 in December.

My plans for 2011 involve taking the business to the next level. 2010 was about planning and set up. Now it is time to make some money and do business. Therefore I will focus more on marketing. This journey is part of my jump start into my season of success.

Today I received an email to advertise in a trade magazine that will publish their yearly directory in January. I need to have my business in that issue, therefore I will be working on getting that done now instead of next year. It is all about positioning and being prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

Pay attention and get your things in order. There will be many opportunities coming your way, if you fail to use this extra time to prepare, you will miss out on your season of success.