Day Ten – It is Random, But Great

Sometimes I can be a workaholic because I like to make sure things are done. But I will admit that I don’t always know when to quit. But I am learning to read the cues. As long as I meet the goals that I set for a given day it is okay to shut it down. I completed what I needed for today but some things came up that made me want to keep going. But I cut it off and said enough.

On some nights I struggle with writing a post. But I have to write something because I committed to this 40-day journey. So it is realistic that you will not always have the most profound or long piece. That is what I am learning, but most importantly that it is okay. On the days that I have a good piece it is great. But on these days when it is random it is equally great.

My day was productive and quite satisfying therefore I am okay with ending it and leaving all new things until tomorrow. I have found writing these daily posts to be a good way to end my day. It gives me time to reflect on my day and take daily inventory. I am sure as I go back and re-read these I will begin to discover new things about myself. Like I have done with my journaling.

Writing is a good release and the perfect way to end the day.

Day Three – Writing is My Destiny

My day started off with the completion of a coaching arrangement. I am really satisfied with the results of the coaching because I accomplished my goals. We talked about my writing and it was confirmed in the session that writing is my destiny.

I published an article today. I have not written since September. That is not good since writing is supposed to be my profession now. How will I get paid if I don’t write? Sometimes I don’t know what to write or I get anxious about the process of writing. I overcame that today and went for it with an idea that came to me this afternoon.

Today was the first struggle to find something to write about on the journey. But I just started typing and here it is. I watched a show on TBN today, I like watching Christian shows. It was like they were all talking directly to me. I heard that your promise is on the way. God has you in a transformation and you will have to step out away from the crowd to get what was promised. This sounds so much like what I am doing now. I am taking such a leap walking away from what would be the norm for others and taking a different path.

So I will keep going see you on day four.

Day One – My Vision of Success

I want to share with you about how I got here. I had a good job making money I never thought I would make. Although I hated the job, I liked the status that came with it. Well I got laid off in December 2009. There I was with rent in the amount of $1560 per month, three kids and unemployment of $1612 per month. You do the math, how much was left over?
Realizing that another job was not coming as quickly as I thought I went back to my business. I started my business ten years ago and operated it on a part-time basis for eight years. When I got the job I let my business go. To make matters worse I lost all of my personal and business web sites the same month I was laid off. So now I had to resurrect my business totally from scratch. No web sites, no clients and no money. I found myself slowly coming into a renewed passion. I was getting excited about being in business again. I had absolutely nothing to lose.

So I made the most of my free time. Between job searches I completed training as a Life Coach and rebuilt my business web sites. As of this week all but one of my web sites has been completely rebuilt. That is major progress. I managed to recreate my business with a new look, a new location and new services.

When I first took this on I did not really think about what success would be for me. At that point I thought success would be my ability to make a decent living from my business, so that I would not be laid off again. But almost a year later, I am finally able to define my success. Not just define it but see it. My initial vision is based upon short-term goals that will lay the foundation for the long-term success that will follow. defines success as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.” Termination sounds so final but my son said it so simply. He said success is finishing what you started. Simple but profound, sometimes we try to measure success monetarily or materially and we may see failure. But this has been a successful year for me because I finished what I started. I am up and running and ready to do business. My first book is ready to be published.

My definition of success is not about money or material things. Success is walking in abundance, peace and prosperity in all areas of life. In order for me to do that I must finish what I started. More specifically this is my vision of success.

My success involves a life free of debt, a prosperous business that provides a comfortable lifestyle for me and my children and a home that we own, in a neighborhood of our choice, that will allow us to have stability. Success has me working in ministry to give back what God gave to me so abundantly. My financial success will come through my gifts in writing, coaching and business. Success means pushing past the fears and doing it anyway. Success means my children are at peace, settled, happy and reaching for their own success. Success means I am divorced and free to embrace my future to build a new life and make new paths.

The reality of this vision is that all of these things are within my reach. They involve me finishing some of the old stuff so that it can finally be tucked away to make room for the new.

Faith Lessons – What Did You Learn?

The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hindsfeet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”- Habakkuk 3:19 (Amplified)

This week I had many faith lessons that I was confronted with, they inspired me to grow and I hope they do the same for you.

The Lesson of Courage

I learned that I can conquer those mountains in my life that I am scared of. I successfully made it through my visit with my friend without shutting down. Yeah!! We had two disagreements but when he left we were on good terms. Everyone enjoyed his visit, including the kids. They were sad to see him leave. So the second thing I learned is that he is a very important part of our lives.

I learned that I have grown spiritually and am no longer scared of pushy people. I stood for what I believed in this week and it felt very good. I also learned that business is shrewd and you only have acquaintances in business, not friends. As long as you keep those boundaries, you will be okay.

The Lesson of Faith and Love

I learned that I am a good mother, not to toot my own horn, but I really have great kids. I mean the kind you would find on the old TV shows with the good kids from the good family. I am thankful to have them in my life. They keep me grounded.

I learned that I am in the place God wants me to be. It may not be exactly what I would have chosen but it’s what he wants. My mom needs me and I want to help her. I realize that I am the anchor in my family and God is using me to bring about balance so that everyone stays on one accord.

The Lesson of Forgiveness

I learned that forgiveness is real. I have not talked to one of my dearest friends, my sister, in over a year. She was upset with me because of something that I did. I asked her for forgiveness and told her that I was here if she really wanted a relationship with me. Well she responded to a friendship email I sent to her this morning stating that she felt the same and she missed me. That filled my heart with joy.

My biggest lesson this week is that God is always here, watching, speaking, directing, protecting, loving and caring for me. Because of my faith I can not fall when I am in the midst of trouble, suffering or responsibility and that my faith will instill the hope that will lead me towards my dreams.

Now it’s your turn what did you learn this week?