Day 38 – Life Balance is a Key to Success

We have talked about many things that are keys to success. Although many of the items refer to operating a business these keys are not just for career or business purposes. You can apply these keys towards your personal areas as well.

I have a few personal areas that I am working on as well and want to succeed in. I am applying the keys to them as well. Today I heard some good news about someone else who has achieved a level of personal success. They are starting a new family and a new life. I was so excited about that.

But at the same time it made me look at my own personal success. I cannot measure my success by someone else’s so I had to look at my personal life to see if it requires some of the same attention that I have given to my business life. The answer is yes. So I have decided to work on my personal success as well.

Having a balanced life is important. Giving all of your attention to one area will pull resources from others and cause a deficit. While my business is very important, as it will affect my ability to take care of my family, it is not worth sacrificing other areas of my life.

So as you pursue your goals make sure that you divide your time equally and don’t neglect any areas of your life. Having a well-balanced lifestyle is an essential key to success.

Day 30 – Ten Days to Go

Wow, there are ten days left in this journey. I can see the finish line. But what does that really mean? Let’s talk about a forty-day journey. In the bible forty is symbolic of a period of testing.[1]  It is also used as a period of probation, trial and chastisement of sons (covenant people).  My forty-day journey has been a journey of trial and probation.

I did not know what to expect with this journey. I did not know what God wanted to bring forth with this testing period. But I will know on January 7, 2011. That is the end of the forty days to success. So make sure you keep reading so that you can be apart of the final chapter.

In the final ten days I don’t know what will come about but I am ready to embrace anything that comes my way. I want to thank all of you who have followed this journey with me and pray that you have been blessed.

Keep reading there is much more to come.


Day 21 – Proper Training is a Key to Success

I am tired and mentally drained. I never wrote like this before and now realize that it takes so much. It comes from deep within and requires a high level of mental and emotional energy to keep up this pace.

Stamina is required to go the distance in any situation. When athletes are preparing for a big game or event they go through months of training to increase their stamina, so that they can perform at optimal level during the big game. I am finding that the same applies to any big goal. If you are taking on something that you have never done before you will need to prepare yourself. You may find that you are doing it but it is zapping all of your energy.

So how do we prepare ourselves to do something we have never done before? Big question that does not have a single answer. Since the work I am doing taps into my mental and emotional energy I have begun to meditate more. To allow my mind to be refreshed and restore my energy levels. It also helps to just have quiet time that does not require any mental stimulation. After much rest today, I felt much better and was able to write for today.

When you are on the road to your destiny remember to train for the race. Train and refine your skills and find tools that will renew your energy along the way. This will give you the stamina you need for your journey.

Day Nineteen – Being a Good Steward is a Key to Success

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain[1].”

1 Timothy 6:10

Yes today I am talking about money and starting the discussion with a scripture. Having money in abundance is not a sin. God did not intend for his people to be poor. But there are many who belief that financial prosperity is wrong. The scripture states that when money becomes your only focus and your goal is to become rich then you are coveting money and not seeking God’s promises.

When you seek God’s promises the financial prosperity will come. We are not supposed to chase money or be motivated by money. I know that money will come to me as long as I focus on what God has for me to do. However I must prove that I will be able to appropriately manage what he gives me therefore I have to learn to be a good steward of my money, in order to do that I have decided to take a financial fast.

I am already a pretty frugal spender and live on a budget but I am sure there are some additional areas in which I can still improve. Besides it will be good practice for learning to be content with what I already have. Contentment is the key to avoid sinning when it comes to money and possessions. You have to learn to be content with what you have and not always yearn to have more or what you see some else with.

I don’t seek to be rich but I do welcome the financial prosperity that God is going to bring into my life. It will allow me to buy property for my family and began a legacy to leave to my children and their children. Being rich comes with it’s own set of problems. For the life of me I don’t know why people would want to have so much that they could not openly enjoy their lives because of it.

Being content and a good steward of your money are keys to success.

[1] International Standard Version (©2008)

Day Fourteen – Meeting Production Goals is a Key to Success

I had specific production goals for today and I did not get as much done as I had hoped. However I did come in and get some work done. I am working on some documents for my coaching business. The development of a business is a never-ending process. I seem to get to a point where I think I have what I need then realize it is time to develop something else.

I really have a lot to get accomplished before the end of this year. Although I have accomplished much more than I could have ever imagined this year, there are still some things I need to have completed before the end of this year so that I can start some new things in January. Therefore it is going take some discipline to meet my end of the year goals.

Being productive feels good and when I see the end product it gives me a sense of accomplishment. So meeting production goals is important to maintain an adequate growth schedule. Some may think that self-employment is easy but it is not. It requires discipline, dedication and determination. Without them you will never meet your production goals and your business will not grow.

Therefore you should make sure that you work hard to meet your production goals. When setting them you should pad the completion date just in case you encounter some obstacles. The main thing is to get it done, finish what you started. Not completing a goal because you are behind schedule is not acceptable. Meeting your production goals is an important key to success.

Day Twelve – Commitment is an Important Key to Success

I love Fridays because I can reflect on my week and can finally rest. I had a good week. I get so excited about my business. I learn something new everyday. I love being a coach and helping people succeed.

This week I met all of my goals except one. I am stuck in one area and that is not good. But I will get back on track. I have to reset the goal for myself and assign a new completion date. I may need to have someone hold me accountable this time. It is harder with this one thing because it is not something I really want to do but need to do. So my discipline is low with it. I don’t need anyone to hold me accountable for finding new products for my business because I am passionate about that and can do that in my sleep.

But this goal is not like that it is a practical one that needs to be done and does not illicit the same passion. But I will get it done because I committed to doing it. Commitment is a big deal, if you cannot commit to anything you will not achieve the level of success you deserve. You may continuously start things but rarely finish.

I used to be that way; I always liked the excitement of starting new things but would quit when I lost interest or when it got hard. But I realized that I had missed so many good things in my life due to lack of commitment. Therefore I had to make some changes. Today my commitment record is much better. I have seen my way through some difficult situations that I really wanted to back away from. But I saw it through to completion and learned from the experience.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. I have learned so much in the first 12 days.

Day Eleven – The Internet is a Success Tool

The Internet is full of so much information. I have to limit myself because I will get lost searching and discovering new things. Well today I found some new tools to help me in building my business. I cannot wait to implement them. I will be attending a webinar tomorrow for one of them.

It is amazing how the Internet has changed how we do business. Years ago you needed to have printed brochures and other marketing materials to get the word out about your business. But now you can use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with millions of people at a fraction of the cost. Instead of sending them a glossy brochure you send them to your website.

When I started my business ten years ago having a web presence was still an option. I had brochures, post cards, business cards and other printed materials to market my company. I marketed mainly through word of mouth and mailing campaigns. When I revamped the business earlier this year, I found my old brochures and they were not useful anymore. I started to redesign a new one but realized that it really would not be needed. Instead I built a new website that has all the information contained in the brochure.

Eventually I will design some print material, I am just not sure what it will be right now. Presently the only printed materials I have are my business cards and some rack cards that promote one of my workshops. But I don’t give very many of the rack cards away. I do give away business cards. I don’t believe they will ever go out of existence.

I have been complimented on my websites, which I am glad to hear that they are making an impact. I have always strongly believed that you have to have a professional web presence and it should be current. You don’t know how many websites I have visited that have outdated content on them. Many small business owners put up a website with a little content that explains what they are doing and never visit the site again for months. I don’t go any further than the outdated pages and rarely will I return to the site.

Most times I find useful tips and information but sometimes I do end up getting lessons on what not to do. I have learned a lot from other business owners, just like I know others have learned from me. Do your homework, know your competition, know your industry and have a professional web site if you are going to be successful in business.