The Godly Touch

The fast ended on the day before Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for as a result of the fast. Many times when you begin a fast you don’t really know what it will bring. You may start with one thing in mind, but end up with something totally different. For me this fast was about favor, but I did not know specifically what type of favor. But then it wasn’t really about me either.

I found favor in so many areas during this fast, but so did the people around me. I am so thankful to be allowed to touch the lives of others. God showed me how he allows me to do that during this fast. I really spent time in his presence hearing from the Spirit. God has really overwhelmed me with his presence. I love it when he is at work because it so smooth and natural. Flawless!

We traveled for the holiday and when we made the initial plans were not sure whether or rather how things would work out. But God orchestrated every step. From getting the rental car, which I got a bargain on, to getting the provision to travel and enjoy the trip. My children and I felt free and excited to have an experience that would bring so much joy to us. But for me it was about the greeting we received when we arrived. My friend’s family greeted us so warmly and made us feel very loved. Just like the prodigal son who returned home.

God taught me about the power of a Godly touch. How it can bring about healing and restoration. That is why there is so much power in the laying of hands because it acts as a conduit, a means of transferring energy from one source to another. You may ask yourself, “What do I have to transfer?” Just think about all that God has poured into you. When I think about what he has poured into me over this fast I realize that it is not just for me, but for me to share with others through the conduit he has activated. I know that God has anointed me to give spiritual life to those who are suffering and it is transferred through that Godly touch.

That is what God has done and what I will continue to do in my ministry. I will administer the Godly touch to those whom he tells me so that they can experience the life of freedom and joy promised by God.

Week Two of the Favor Fast

Week two of the favor fast ended with a bang. Friday was such a busy day for me and God used it to show off. Let me walk you through my day.

I woke at my regular time and got the kids off to school. I had several appointments that day so I had to get started early. As I had shared with you in the last post my credit report was an issue for the last apartment complex I applied to, therefore I placed that credit report on the alter at church for God’s favor.

Well Friday my first appointment was with another apartment complex. The evidence of the favor fast began with the waiving of the application fee and went on from there. I was pre-approved for an apartment with a low security deposit using the same credit report dressed with God’s favor. Praise him!

Then it was on to my oldest son’s school for his annual IEP meeting. More good news and evidence of the favor fast working, as I learned that he is doing so well they are going to get place him in honors classes in the next school year. He has a 4.0 which he is so proud of and I am praying for continued favor that he will have his pick of colleges with a full scholarship.

My final appointment for the day was with a client. We have been working on her project for over six months, so we are trying to launch by January. One of he business associates attended the meeting. I found much favor with him, as he continuously asked me questions about the type of work I do. By the end of the meeting, he basically said I would be hearing from someone at his company because he wanted to find a way to work with me. Now if that is not a direct result of the favor fast then someone must be spiritually blind.

My day ended at school and I was not prepared for my group assignment. But I found favor in that as well because I was able to pull some last minute resources from my laptop that was directly related to the discussion topic.

What a blessed day this was! But the most extraordinary thing is that I am expecting to walk in this type of favor for the rest of my life. This is my promise from God, as long as I remain faithful and obedient to his word. Which I have no reason not to. I have never lived this good on my own. My life without God has been one constant struggle and I have fallen face first in the mud more times than I care to admit. But since I committed my life and everything in it to God I have not seen that mud again.

Week One of the Favor Fast


Wow is all I can say. Fasting is a real experience. By shutting out the distractions and noise of the flesh you open your spirit up to see things that you would normally miss.

I do have a testimony, I have experienced favor already. I am looking for a new place to live and was turned down at the first place. I was not upset because it was not for me. Well God directed me to another community, I made an appointment but was unable to keep it. When I called to reschedule they offered to waive my application fee and to give me a preliminary answer the same day. Praise God for favor.

This past Sunday we ended the first week of the fast by bringing our bills to church for them to be prayed over. I put a copy of my credit report on that alter and when I watched them scoop everything up off the alter, after prayer, I could feel that debt being lifted off of me. All the debts on my report are old debts from that old life. Then the word ushered in confirmation of my new life of peace and prosperity.

I am so excited because things are moving and although everything has not fully manifested they are visible to me. This was evidenced by a dream I had last night where everything was complete. Nothing missing, nothing broken, wholeness, prosperity and peace.

Praise God for his grace, glory and favor.

The Favor Fast

I am a member of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore Maryland. We have done several corporate fasts all of which produced some remarkable spiritual results. I documented my journey during one of our 21-day fasts a few years ago in my personal journal. But this time I decided to share my journey with you.

I was a little confused over the weekend because my schedule is absolutely crazy right now. So Sunday I woke up and was ready to eat a good breakfast (my favorite is pancakes) but I suddenly remembered the fast. I got ready to observe, I did not have pancakes and I also gave up my coffee. Only to learn after church that the fast was set to begin on Monday. Go figure! It was ok though because I got myself prepared for it a day early.

So the morning of the fast is here and I am ready mentally and spiritually. Pastor gave us several options on how to fast even the option to fast from electronics (I did not choose that one). I decided upon a Daniel’s fast, which means I only eat fruits,vegetables, water and juice. I have successfully done this fast in the past but yesterday my body responded quite differently. By the time I got home I was weak and had a headache. I was getting sick. This had happened to me before on a fast, I actually got Lyme disease (go figure). Satan thought he had me, thought I was going to break the fast, but I didn’t. I altered the fast to accommodate my health but I completed the entire 21 days of the fast.

So I will have to alter this fast to ensure that I don’t get sick. Sickness is not from God and is a deterrent to try to get me to quit. I also realize that while I am healthy my body is not the same and my schedule is very heavy right now so I cannot fast in a way that will diminish my strength.

This fast is about favor. We want to open up the heavens and activate God’s favor in every area of our lives. This is ordained because God has said that he would provide for his people even in a famine. Just in case you haven’t noticed we are in a famine. The only ones who are not feeling the pinch of this economy are the rich people who got richer after the so called recession ended. But that’s another post.

God has given the same word to His prophets about elevating his people and prospering us during this famine. This fast for me acts as the next level of activation. Last week I visited another church and had a prophet prophecy that God wanted him to activate my harvest. It was an incredible release and it took me several days to recover from it. But now I am ready to receive God’s favor and I feel GREAT!

Celebrate Love

Love is on the Horizon
Love is on the Horizon

I watched a show tonight about Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, getting married. It was sad to watch him struggle with his condition but I was inspired by his zest for life. He was so excited about getting married. During the show another morbidly obese man in his town died. He is working very hard to lose the weight and regain his mobility.

It stirred something in me as I watched show. I imagine that it is probably the love he shares with his wife that fuels him and keeps him motivated. He has lost over 400 pounds and while he has much more to go he is optimistic. Love is so powerful and can give you the strength of ten people just knowing that someone loves you enough to stand by you when you are weak. To see the best in you even when you can’t or anyone else for that matter.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealously as cruel as the grave;
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house,
it would be utterly despised.”
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

I absolutely love this scripture because it speaks to the true essence of heartfelt and passionate love. As long as the beloved knows that she is secure in his heart she can feel secure. Isn’t that what we all are seeking? That true unconditional love that is 100% committed and gives you the confidence to do anything.

 It exists and better yet it is something God can give us and he has preordained for us to have with another person. Don’t count out love yet. If you have not found the one that you want to set you, as a seal upon their heart, don’t worry they are out there.

Day 40 – My Success

Today is the last day of the Forty Days to Success journey. So I know you are asking was this a success or rather what is my success? Yes it was a success, because I finished the journey. Success is finishing what you started. But let’s take inventory of where I started and where I am now.

Forty days ago I was immobilized by fear. The fear of so many things not exactly because the fear was real, most are not. But just fearful of the unknown, today I have embraced those fears and I am moving forward. I made quite a few confessions in the past week about my real desires and did not allow the fear to stop me.

I realized that I am really at a great point in my life. I stand here at this crossroad ready to go over into an area I have been trying to get to for most of my adult life. My business is successful because in the past week I have had three new inquiries for web projects that are going to become paying clients, two have already signed. I also have another prospective client to jump start my business coaching. I am preparing to launch my final website and to officially publish my first book.

But this is about more than business. This is about living not just waking up everyday and going through the routines, but really living. Enjoying each day good and bad. Not being afraid to take the chances even when it may look like the odds are not in your favor. But if it makes you happy and brings you joy, why not?

I saw For Colored Girls today and cried through most of it because yet again here was another movie that I was able to relate to in too many ways. But the truth is that I am tired of living that life, tired of being afraid because of the things that happened to me. The truth is that they did not succeed. I am still alive, breathing, loving and growing. I am not sick, crazy or depressed. I have three beautiful children who are flourishing and happy. I am in love with myself.

This is my success!! Thank you for reading my blog and following me on this journey.

Love, Peace and Prosperity


Day 39 – Start Living, It’s Not too Late


I got a new client today. I was so excited because she found me in the yellow book, which means my ad is paying for itself. Life moves so quickly, one moment you are thinking about something, just an idea and the next you find yourself bringing the idea to life. This was just an idea about six months ago. Just like this journey is almost done.

My new client just turned 72 and she is still very active. She has only been retired for two years. She has so much spirit, enthusiasm, and a great desire to make a difference. At her age she has decided to take on a project that she is passionate about. I am honored to be working with her and pray that I will continue to have that much energy when I reach her age.

Life is too short to continue to make excuses for dreams not realized and goals not met. It is never too late to start over or finish something you started years earlier. Life only ends when you stop moving, stop dreaming and stop making a difference. What are you passionate about? I am passionate about making sure that people with Asperger’s have a voice and resources available to be successful. It is something I will always work on for business and charity.

Get up and start moving today. Tomorrow is too late and yesterday will never come again.

Day 38 – Life Balance is a Key to Success

We have talked about many things that are keys to success. Although many of the items refer to operating a business these keys are not just for career or business purposes. You can apply these keys towards your personal areas as well.

I have a few personal areas that I am working on as well and want to succeed in. I am applying the keys to them as well. Today I heard some good news about someone else who has achieved a level of personal success. They are starting a new family and a new life. I was so excited about that.

But at the same time it made me look at my own personal success. I cannot measure my success by someone else’s so I had to look at my personal life to see if it requires some of the same attention that I have given to my business life. The answer is yes. So I have decided to work on my personal success as well.

Having a balanced life is important. Giving all of your attention to one area will pull resources from others and cause a deficit. While my business is very important, as it will affect my ability to take care of my family, it is not worth sacrificing other areas of my life.

So as you pursue your goals make sure that you divide your time equally and don’t neglect any areas of your life. Having a well-balanced lifestyle is an essential key to success.

Day 37 – Conquering Fear is a Key to Success

Fear is false evidence appearing real and it is a real pain. Fear grips so many of us and keeps us from moving forward. Today I listened to a sermon about fear and the preacher posed a question. What would you do if you had no fear? Keep in mind that you would still make a wise decision but you would have no fear in executing it.

If I had absolutely no fear I would attempt all of my best business ideas, especially if I had the funds. I get so many good ideas but most of the time I am fearful that they will not work. I will sometimes talk myself out of things due to some level of fear. I am pursuing many things right now based on wise decisions but they are new and I don’t know what the outcome may be. Therefore I am fearful and hesitating a bit.

It is your turn, if you had no fear what would you do? Think about some of the things that you could do for yourself that fear is keeping you from. Then take it a step farther; what would it take for the fear to be removed?

No fear equals boldness, confidence and faith. No fear means as long as I trust in my God-given wisdom there is no reason not to proceed. No fear means the world looks different, things look possible, and success is within reach.

Day 35 – Learning is a Key to Success

I love to learn new things. The problem is that sometimes I jump around to many things. I am a naturally curious person and love to know how things work. A friend called me today to ask me to do her taxes. As I thought about it I realized that I have taken so many courses in so many fields.

To date I have been trained to do taxes by H&R Block, to become a Realtor (just did not take the license exam), hold an Accounting certificate, HTML certificate, Life Coaching Certificate, and Business Writing Certificate. Yes I have learned many things over the years.

Although I did not stay in the career paths for some of those professions, the knowledge has proven to be an asset. Little did I know then that all of these courses would end up becoming a foundation for me as I started and operated my own business.

Constant learning keeps your skills sharp and ensures that you stay in the loop with the latest trends in your field. You can never learn too much. You may not have to take courses all the time; you can also increase your learning through reading, trade associations, conferences and workshops.

Constant learning is a key to success. Never stop seeking knowledge.