Living on Purpose: Dr. Ivan Joseph – Skill of Self Confidence


Living on Purpose: Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph shares how the skill of self confidence is more valuable in process of success and what he looks for in soccer players. He shares ways to build self confidence in those you mentor, coach, or parent.

He defines self confidence as “the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, and no matter the adversity.” He shares valuable tips on how keep your self confidence up as well.

Thank you for sharing your purpose Dr. Joseph.

Living on Purpose: Joe Ehrmann “Be a Man”

Living on Purpose: Joe Ehrmann

Living on purpose at times may set one in a position where they are fighting for a cause much bigger than themselves. In the second installment of this type of purpose, I highlight Joe Ehrmann, a coach on a mission to re-frame the sports industry in order to preserve real men. This battle is huge and involves millions of dollars which means there are some pretty heavy influencer on the scene. But this does not deter him from his passion to see men who are able to communicate on an emotional level and still exert their strength.

Despite the size of the enemy, purpose rears up and shows itself to be King in a world where being rich means more than having enriching relationships. Joe shares some concrete findings about how men learn to be a man affects the type of man they become.

Thank you Joe for living on purpose.

Living on Purpose: Crystal Oertle Herorin – Addiction, Recovery, and No Shame

Living on Purpose: Crystal Oertle

Crystal’s story is not rosy, it’s not exactly what many want to hear. She is a recovering heroin addict, something that usually brings about much shame. But she courageously found herself on a stage in Columbus, OH, recording a TED Talks segment, sharing her story of addiction and recovery. She tells her story candidly and honestly with hopes that it will help at least one person, just one person make the decision to get clean.

Her journey doesn’t end on that stage. Crystal went on to live on purpose using her voice to help others break free from their addictions with “No Shame” through her blog Erase The Her decision to give back and help others was a decision to live on purpose. Devoting her recovery to encouraging others to follow her path and get clean with no shame. She is breaking barriers and stigmas so that more will be brave enough to come forward and get help.

Living on purpose requires healing our past hang ups, hurts, and fears so that we can help others do the same.

Thank you Crystal for living on purpose.

Celebrate Love

Love is on the Horizon
Love is on the Horizon

I watched a show tonight about Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, getting married. It was sad to watch him struggle with his condition but I was inspired by his zest for life. He was so excited about getting married. During the show another morbidly obese man in his town died. He is working very hard to lose the weight and regain his mobility.

It stirred something in me as I watched show. I imagine that it is probably the love he shares with his wife that fuels him and keeps him motivated. He has lost over 400 pounds and while he has much more to go he is optimistic. Love is so powerful and can give you the strength of ten people just knowing that someone loves you enough to stand by you when you are weak. To see the best in you even when you can’t or anyone else for that matter.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealously as cruel as the grave;
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house,
it would be utterly despised.”
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

I absolutely love this scripture because it speaks to the true essence of heartfelt and passionate love. As long as the beloved knows that she is secure in his heart she can feel secure. Isn’t that what we all are seeking? That true unconditional love that is 100% committed and gives you the confidence to do anything.

 It exists and better yet it is something God can give us and he has preordained for us to have with another person. Don’t count out love yet. If you have not found the one that you want to set you, as a seal upon their heart, don’t worry they are out there.

Day 36 – Developing a Plan is a Key to Success

I have a challenge for you. It is time to develop your 2011 plan. The other day you spent time writing your list that stated this is the last time I… Now that you know what you want to end I want you to focus on what you will build this year.

First let’s break the year up into quarters, the check in dates are March 31, 2011, June 30, 2011, September 30, 2011 and December 31, 2011. I want you to write two goals per quarter that you will work towards for the year. Make sure that the goals are SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-specific

When setting your goals for 2011 make sure that you clearly identify what you want to achieve. Use the check in dates from above as possible due dates. If the goal requires more than three months then use the check in date to measure your progress and then adjust your plan accordingly.

I think a yearly plan is much better than making resolutions. How many of us actually keep the resolutions? By developing a plan you will set up a process to hold yourself accountable and it will become more real. If you need help with accountability, then find an accountability partner. If one of your goals is to lose weight or exercise, find a friend who has the same goal and work together. Hold each other accountable and encourage each other when things get tough.

If your goals are more detailed you may want to hire a Professional Life Coach to help you implement your plan. One of my 2011 business goals is to bless two people with a Time to Soar Coaching package (a $1349 value). If you are interested in one of the packages, please complete the Are You Coachable quiz and make sure to include your email address. You will be contacted to schedule a free consultation. The selected candidates will be notified by January 31, 2011.

Day 27 – Cycle of Failure Crushes with Depression

Depression sets in when all else has failed. You have beat yourself up with guilt, beat others up with anger and beat up your mind with fear. Now the weight of all that is crushing you and making you feel like you are not capable or worthy of anything good. You don’t want to or are not able to participate in everyday life. You may be able to do the bare minimum and not doing that successfully but it drains all of your energy. You feel lost in a tunnel that has no end and feel like the end will never come.

Depression can be a deep dark journey and may require professional help. If you feel this way for more than a day or so, you may need to talk to your doctor about getting help. Clinical depression can be successfully treated with medication and therapy. For those who suffer from situational depression, medication and dealing with the issues that are causing the depression will eventually alleviate the depressed symptoms.

Break the Cycle

To break the Cycle of Failure, you first need to identify where you are in the cycle right now. Are you depressed? Are you fearful? Are you angry? Are you feeling guilty? Once you have identified where you are begin to ask yourself some questions about why you feel the way you do. You have to face the situation head on and yes it will be painful but also worth it once you begin to see yourself going down a different path. A path that is new and bright. Let’s revisit the Story of the Pit again to see what happens in the later chapters as she begins to ask questions about why.

            Chapter Four

I walk down the same street
There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it

            Chapter Five

I walk down another street

 As you can see in chapter four she still goes down the same path, she recognizes he pit but makes a different decision. In the final chapter she learns to avoid the street all together. That is freedom, when you recognize the street even before you get to it and go in another direction.

You have to break the cycle one step at a time. You will not be able to conquer all of the steps at once. You have to be able to deal with each issue individually. Only move on to another once you have conquered the first. I spent a lot of time in the Fear stage and quite honestly fear still plagues me. However I don’t allow it to immobilize me anymore. I deal with the fear head on and keep going. I face what I am scared of and am no longer afraid to take the steps I need to. You can do it too. It starts with making a decision to break the cycle. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Start with friends and family that you trust. This will be your first key step towards success.

I leave you with this prayer of protection in your journey.

Heavenly Father,

I pray that now and through my life You would strengthen and enlighten me, show me the way Satan and his demonic spirits are trying to hinder, tempt, lie, and distort the truth in my life. Enable me to be the kind of person that will please you. Enable me to be aggressive in prayer and faith. Enable me to be aggressive mentally, think about and practice Your word and to give You, your rightful place in my life. Father I place all of my cares, all of my anxieties, all of my worries and all of my concerns once and for all on You, because I know that You love me and watch over me according to 1 Peter 5:7.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


Will You Be Made Whole?

What does being whole really mean?  What does it look like?  Do you know someone who is WHOLE?  Being whole means being healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually, in others words, being healthy in your mind, body and soul.  But how does one get this way?  How does one know that they are not already whole? Well let’s examine what it looks like to be healthy in each area.

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