Make Room for Joy

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where we celebrate and express gratitude for the abundance in our lives, focusing on what we have, rather than what we may lack. It’s an occasion to reset and find harmony amidst the challenges and negative emotions that often surround us in our daily lives. Let’s embrace this opportunity to cultivate joy, appreciation, and positivity.

Purposely surrounding yourself with individuals who bring you joy, laughter, gratitude, and other positive energies will invigorate your spirit with goodness and serenity. It’s like the moment when the power is restored after an outage, and suddenly everything comes back to life as a surge of energy infuses light into the darkness. Everything that was on before the outage returns all at once, which can be an overwhelming experience for your senses as they are flooded with a wave of positivity.

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That’s how your spirit experiences a powerful surge of gratitude and joy on Thanksgiving. Suddenly, your spirit transforms from darkness and stillness to radiance and bliss, all within moments. This surge of energy effortlessly breaks through the chains of sadness, grief, anger, resentment, self-hate, self-sabotage, unforgiveness, and negative energies that have held you captive. It liberates you, allowing you to radiate smiles, embrace love, forgive, and partake in all the abundant positive energies surrounding you.

Then you take those electrifying positive vibes with you, as your countenance has a thrilling chance to transform, because now you feel harmoniously balanced instead of daunted, revitalized instead of weary, and empowered to fearlessly conquer the hurdles of everyday existence. Life is an extraordinary marvel, unfettered by notions of “good” or “bad,” but instead shaped by the emotions we willingly embrace and nourish within our souls.

Maintain Balance

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To maintain a harmonious balance, embrace the next instance of negativity with intentionality. Immerse yourself in feelings of serenity, bliss, and appreciation. Take a moment to express gratitude for the goodness in your life and allow that wave of joy to carry you towards a state of spiritual equilibrium. Within my circle of tranquility, I have found the support needed to maintain this balance. Those closest to me embody spirituality and are always by my side, offering a helping hand whenever necessary. Whether it’s a simple message, “Hey sis, how are you?” or a phone call just to lend a listening ear, their presence uplifts me and keeps me grounded.

Fill your inner circle with those who genuinely cherish you and are destined to uplift you with:

  • joy,
  • peace,
  • gratitude,
  • love,
  • trust, and
  • integrity.

So that you can embark on your purpose-driven journey filled with love, boundless joy, inner peace, and perfect harmony, embrace the following:

  • Divine Energies
  • God
  • Nature
  • Self and
  • Others.

Don’t wait for the holiday season to embrace gratitude and bask in the abundance of joy and peace. Make a conscious decision to infuse your life with intention and embark on this incredible journey. May you find everlasting peace and boundless prosperity along the way.

Coach Athena

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Coach Athena

I am the Life Calling Coach and I help you experience a spiritual awakening that propels you into purpose, peace, and prosperity.

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