Day Three – Writing is My Destiny

My day started off with the completion of a coaching arrangement. I am really satisfied with the results of the coaching because I accomplished my goals. We talked about my writing and it was confirmed in the session that writing is my destiny.

I published an article today. I have not written since September. That is not good since writing is supposed to be my profession now. How will I get paid if I don’t write? Sometimes I don’t know what to write or I get anxious about the process of writing. I overcame that today and went for it with an idea that came to me this afternoon.

Today was the first struggle to find something to write about on the journey. But I just started typing and here it is. I watched a show on TBN today, I like watching Christian shows. It was like they were all talking directly to me. I heard that your promise is on the way. God has you in a transformation and you will have to step out away from the crowd to get what was promised. This sounds so much like what I am doing now. I am taking such a leap walking away from what would be the norm for others and taking a different path.

So I will keep going see you on day four.

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Athena Thomas

Athena Thomas is a Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Life Calling Coach and Yes You Can Today Christian Life Coaching. She has a specialty in using vision boards to establish a path to life calling and spiritual growth. She is the Endurance Program Director for Women Offering Wealth, a non-profit organization. She is also the founder and facilitator of the Sister Circle Support Group for women, a program for survivors of domestic violence and the Circle of Endurance Support Group.

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