Living on Purpose: Jia Jiang – Lessons from 100 Days of Rejection


Living on Purpose: Jia Jiang

Jia placed himself in purposeful situations where he would be rejected in an effort to combat his fear of rejection. He used this to empower himself due to his destiny and purpose to be an entrepreneur.

In return he learns some valuable life lessons from his experiment using rejection therapy about the power of rejection.

Thank you for living on purpose Jia.

Stand in the Face of Opposition

“Only do not two [things] unto me: then will I not hide myself from thee. Withdraw thine hand far from me and let not they dread make me afraid.” Job 13:20-21

Job probably faced more opposition than many of us and did not know why? Having lived his life as a true man of God he could not understand the current state of his life.

There are two things that helped Job survive the worst ordeal of his life. First he asked God not to withdraw his hand from him, which shows that he knew his strength was grounded in God. Second he asked that he use that strength to give him extraordinary faith, so that he would not be afraid.

It is a natural instinct for us to become afraid of things we don’t understand. But fear is a weapon of defeat not of victory. Fear opposes faith. You cannot stand in the face of opposition when you are running from fear. In order to stand and face opposition, you must first know where to draw your strength. David stood before Goliath when no other man in the army would. He did so because he knew the source of his strength.

“David said moreover, The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.” 1 Samuel 17:37

The source of your strength is in the hand of God. That strength supports your faith and allows you to stand in the face of opposition and win.

Just in case you didn’t know David killed Goliath (with a slingshot and a rock) and Job recovered from deathly illness and emotional turmoil with no evidence of either ever occurring.

Day 26 – Cycle of Failure Immobilizes with Fear

You may have this type of thought pattern: “I am so mad at him for hurting me, why did he do this to me? Why do I have to keep getting hurt? Why do I keep choosing the wrong people/path? I am so angry that it keeps me from allowing others into my life. What if I end up alone because of my anger?”

This thought pattern keeps you going in circles turning the hurt and anger over and over in your head. Then you begin to realize that your anger does affect your other relationships so then you become scared, fearful that you will be alone and keep new relationships from blooming in your life. The fear then takes over and you become immobilized, unable to move in any direction.

You can become fearful of things such as:

  • Fear of acting upon the anger
  • Fear of being rejected again
  • Fear of experiencing the same pain again
  • Fear that you will never get out of this cycle
  • Fear that you will die under the generational curse
  • Fear that your children will suffer from your inability to overcome this
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear that if you really stood up for what you wanted you would not be accepted, not be loved and end up alone.

The fears begin to engulf you and take over your thinking, your actions and your feelings, which results in depression. To conquer fear you must face it head on and rid yourself of the self-defeating thought patterns. So today I offer you a prayer for mind cleansing and clarity. Once your thoughts are clear you will be able to handle those fearful thoughts and not allow them to overtake you.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you now as humbly as I know how and ask you according to John 14: 13-14, to wash over my mind with the blood of Jesus and cleanse out all darkness and all thoughts that are contrary to Your will and destiny for my life. I ask You to shut any doors that need to be shut whether spiritual or natural, and to open any doors that need to be opened whether spiritual or natural in my life. Father, I ask you to give me clarity of vision, clarity of sight, clarity of thought, clarity of mind, clarity of knowing, and hearing Your voice according to John 16:23.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


Day 25 – Cycle of Failure Builds with Anger

Anger builds up because you are unable to forgive yourself or others for mistakes that have caused pain. Perhaps you were hurt and you are holding on to the hurt and the unforgiveness, which eventually turns into anger. You then become angry with yourself, your life, and the person who hurt you or even the world.

Do you know how many angry people are walking around in this world? Most are angry over things that happened many years ago. Anger that is not properly dealt with can become toxic to you and others around you. You will find yourself yelling at others when they have not done anything to you.

If you are a fighter you may find yourself always engaged in a physical fight over something minor. The anger that builds up during the altercation rarely warrants the actions. It builds from the deep-rooted anger inside you and becomes a boiling pot.

It is especially hard for women who are angry because they can sometimes be called a ?itch, a woman scorned. They are not pleasant to be around and you certainly do not want to feel their wrath. I remember the movie Delores Claiborne where the older rich lady never got along with anybody, only her housekeeper Delores. She told Delores one day that sometimes being a ?itch is all a woman has. What a statement to make about yourself. Indeed, when you are not able to conquer your anger and deal with your past hurts being a ?itch is all you will have.

So today I offer you this prayer to help against anger.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in humility and lowliness of mind. I acknowledge my sin of anger and I repent and turn away from that way to walk in Your chosen paths of righteousness. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness, pride, hate, rage, bitterness, resentment, strife, contention, taking offense, giving offense, misplaced hostility, indifference and all forms of anger in my life. Father fill me in all of these areas that were set free with Your love and Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


Day 23 – Cycle of Failure Starts with Guilt

The Cycle of Failure starts with guilt. Guilt is defined as feelings of culpability esp. for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy[1]. We all make poor choices and mistakes that lead to a sense of inadequacy. Especially when we seem to repeat these choices. I have an exercise that I use with my support group that helps them to discover the root of why you repeat poor choices. My lesson is called Uncovering the Truth and it is based and excerpt called The Story of the Pit from the book A Jewel in His Crown by Priscilla Shirer.

Chapter One

I walk down the street
There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in
It’s not my fault
It takes a long time to get out

Chapter Two

I walk down the same street
There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk
I see it there
I still fall in
It’s not my fault
It takes a long time to get out

Chapter Three

I walk down the same street
There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk
I pretend I don’t see it
I fall in
I must be a victim
It takes forever to get out

By the time you reach chapter three, guilt has set in and becomes your new roommate. You clearly realize there is something wrong. Repeatedly walking down this same street and ending up with the same results has begun to make you feel inadequate “I must be a victim.” However, we are all imperfect humans, not all victims and we have to learn from our mistakes. But now you have feelings of resentment and are not able to forgive yourself for repeating this same behavior. The inability to forgive makes the guilt rise and leads to anger.

If you are at this point in the cycle use this prayer today to conquer unforgiveness.

Heavenly Father,

I forgive (enter the name of the person, including yourself) for anything wrong he or she (I) has ever done or said, any unforgiveness or grudges toward me or my family that (enter the same name, including yourself) has at this time and I bless (enter same name) in the Name of Jesus Christ. I ask you Father to forgive and bless (enter same name) in the Name of Jesus Christ. Father show him or her (me) Your mercy and loving-kindness, and teach him or her (me).

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


[1] Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition. 2001

Day 22 – Breaking the Cycle of Failure is a Key to Success

The path to success begins with letting go of past hurts and failures. This is my third time starting up a business. My first attempt was a full-time partnership that did not succeed and the second one was successful as a part-time venture. But now I am launching a full-time business again and I could dwell upon my previous unsuccessful business but instead I chose not to. I dealt with the reasons the business was unsuccessful, learned what I could from it and moved on.

But I have not done that so quickly in all areas of my life. I have found myself locked into this cycle where I would go through guilt, anger, fear and depression. I stayed locked in the cycle for many years feeling unworthy and depressed most of the time. It kept me from moving forward in so many areas. But I began to deal with the cycle and learned how to break out of it.

The Cycle of Failure

I call this the Cycle of Failure and it can keep you from moving forward into the freedom of success that exists for you. That is the freedom from bondage, from bad habits, from repeated bad relationships, from poor decision-making and from insecurity. I call it the Cycle of Failure because each time you complete the cycle and start it again you fail. The cycle does not lead to success it leads to insanity. Insanity can be defined as repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time. This is the Cycle of Failure and it can be applied to many areas of your life both personal and professional. Maybe your career has suffered or you have recently found yourself without a job and began this cycle as a result of that. Maybe you have ended a relationship that is similar to one you ended several years ago. Whatever it is you have begun to recognize a pattern and have probably asked is this DeJa Vu?

Since this is a long piece I will break down the Cycle of Failure over several posts. For today I leave you with this prayer to help you begin to identify your Cycle of Failure and cast out the Spirit of Error and bring forth the Spirit of Truth.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for allowing me another opportunity to speak with you. I pray that you forgive me for my shortcomings, open my eyes to see my Cycle of Failure and allow the Holy Spirit to assist me with the binding of the Spirit of Error that has followed my life.

Strongman called Spirit of Error, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ and declare that all of your works, roots, fruits, tentacles, links, and spirits, are dead works in my life including (specifically name those things/people). I bind you and loose you from me today to go wherever Jesus Christ sends you and command you not to come back into our presence again.

I ask you Heavenly Father to loose into my life today the Spirit of Truth according to 1 John 4:6 and Psalms 51:10.

In Jesus Name I claim this victory today according to John 14:14.


Day Five – Time to Empower

Guess what happened today I fell asleep before I was able to write about day five. I have been working so hard this week to stay on my schedule. Writing each post at almost midnight and getting up at 5:30 a.m. to start my day. By Friday evening I was exhausted and fell asleep early before completing my post.

But I must stay true to what I started and complete the post even if it’s late. Today was a refreshing day and the perfect end to the week. I am a Life Coach and God has blessed me with a gift to help people succeed.  It gives me such joy to know that someone’s life will change for the better after experiencing coaching.

I sent out a letter to the top 100 friends and associates in my life and asked them to help support this vision God has given me for coaching. There are many people who need the services I provide and I want to get the word out to as many people as I can. It is time to empower people to excel.

I have also decided as a Christmas gift I am giving away 10 Time to Soar coaching packages. I believe in sowing seeds into people’s lives.  So beginning in January 2011 ten people will begin a journey that will take them to heights that they have never been before.

While there is still LIFE there is HOPE. If you are still breathing it is not too late to empower someone today or to allow someone else to empower you. Don’t be afraid to give and sow into others.

See you on day six.

Faith Lessons – What Did You Learn?

The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hindsfeet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”- Habakkuk 3:19 (Amplified)

This week I had many faith lessons that I was confronted with, they inspired me to grow and I hope they do the same for you.

The Lesson of Courage

I learned that I can conquer those mountains in my life that I am scared of. I successfully made it through my visit with my friend without shutting down. Yeah!! We had two disagreements but when he left we were on good terms. Everyone enjoyed his visit, including the kids. They were sad to see him leave. So the second thing I learned is that he is a very important part of our lives.

I learned that I have grown spiritually and am no longer scared of pushy people. I stood for what I believed in this week and it felt very good. I also learned that business is shrewd and you only have acquaintances in business, not friends. As long as you keep those boundaries, you will be okay.

The Lesson of Faith and Love

I learned that I am a good mother, not to toot my own horn, but I really have great kids. I mean the kind you would find on the old TV shows with the good kids from the good family. I am thankful to have them in my life. They keep me grounded.

I learned that I am in the place God wants me to be. It may not be exactly what I would have chosen but it’s what he wants. My mom needs me and I want to help her. I realize that I am the anchor in my family and God is using me to bring about balance so that everyone stays on one accord.

The Lesson of Forgiveness

I learned that forgiveness is real. I have not talked to one of my dearest friends, my sister, in over a year. She was upset with me because of something that I did. I asked her for forgiveness and told her that I was here if she really wanted a relationship with me. Well she responded to a friendship email I sent to her this morning stating that she felt the same and she missed me. That filled my heart with joy.

My biggest lesson this week is that God is always here, watching, speaking, directing, protecting, loving and caring for me. Because of my faith I can not fall when I am in the midst of trouble, suffering or responsibility and that my faith will instill the hope that will lead me towards my dreams.

Now it’s your turn what did you learn this week?

Will You Be Made Whole?

What does being whole really mean?  What does it look like?  Do you know someone who is WHOLE?  Being whole means being healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually, in others words, being healthy in your mind, body and soul.  But how does one get this way?  How does one know that they are not already whole? Well let’s examine what it looks like to be healthy in each area.

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