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What is Life Coaching by Athena Thomas

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching only you are the player and the sport is living the best life you can. Living by focus, on purpose and not by accident. As your life coach I am your: Cheering squad – cheer you towards victory Defensive coordinator – push you to work hard and stay …

Choosing a Life Coach by Athena Thomas

Choosing a Life Coach

Life Coach Expertise Choosing a life coach is something that should not be done on a whim. In this technology age, it is easy for anyone to attach a title to their name and advertise as a life coach. In her article, 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Life Coach, Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, …

Self Care Plans by Athena Thomas

Planning for Growth: Self Care Plans

Great! You decided to move forward with purpose and self-care. Next, learn what it means to live on purpose, how it relates to your inner being, how purpose influences your instinctive growth, and how to use everything you discover as growth steps in your self-care plan. Establishing your path to purpose will touch all aspects of your life through your growth steps, which allows you to implement a self-care plan that fuels your instinctive growth.

Spiritual Coaching

Why Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching: Teaches you to live holistically and enable you to discover and live on purpose. Keeps faith in the coaching process. The following story demonstrates how Jesus helped a man refocus his life and walk into his destiny. A man laid at the side of the pool of Bethesda for 38 years seeking healing. …

Time For a Change by Athena Thomas

Time for a Change

Change can be a nasty word.  Most people like things to stay the same without a lot of surprises.  Realistically that is not how life is.  We all go through change during our lives.  God has called many of us to change during this season.  You may find yourself experiencing something that you thought you …

Procrastinations Stops Here by Athena Thomas

Procrastination Stops Here

There really is no reason why I have not written since January. I have attempted to write several times only to end up with nothing. Procrastination, hmm what a sneaky thing that creeps up in your path. It keeps you from moving when your mind is saying GO. It makes you say I will do …

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