Choosing a Life Coach

Life Coach Expertise

Choosing a life coach is something that should not be done on a whim. In this technology age, it is easy for anyone to attach a title to their name and advertise as a life coach. In her article, 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Life Coach, Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD, points out that “people can claim to be a life coach but may have done so by watching videos or reading self-help books.” She recommends asking specific questions about where they obtained their training and exactly what makes them an expert or authority in their coaching niche. 

A life coach’s personal experience is a big part of their expertise or authority in their niche. For example, I am a Life Calling Coach. I help people discover their calling and purpose. A big part of that process is overcoming obstacles, barriers, and hurdles on the path to purpose. The things you don’t plan for. They happen to everyone even life coaches and other professionals. I am equipped to help people overcome because I have successfully overcome many life obstacles on my journey to become a life coach, including financial setbacks, illness, disability, anxiety, etc. Some of these things may still exist but I have learned how to work around them and an experienced life coach should be able to help you do the same.                                                                                                                                                           

Interview Prospective Coaches

If you are considering hiring a life coach, I recommend that you interview the coach. Most life coaches offer a free discovery meeting. This is your opportunity to find out who they are in person. Yes, I do recommend that you read their biography or social media posts to understand what is offered, but these sources rarely portray the spirit, essence, and training of the coach.  

During your research remember that life coaches are people just like you, with struggles, issues, and setbacks. Personally, I would never hire a life coach who appears to be perfect because they are not and they may not even be qualified to be a coach. One of the questions recommended in the article, is to ask the life coach, “Where did you do your training?” Some people claim to be a life coach but have never received any formal training in the field.

A Good Fit

The most important aspect of hiring a life coach is to ensure that the two of you are a good fit. Do you have a good rapport? Does the coach listen to you intently? Do they try to tell you what to do rather than guiding you to discover your answer? Do you have a sense of trust with them? These are important things to consider because it is a huge responsibility to put crucial parts of your life in someone’s hands. Your life coach should take that seriously and respect that. Lastly, while life coaching is a paid profession, money should not be the number one reason that they are a life coach. Life coaches should have a genuine desire to help others succeed. This can be seen in a discovery call.

The life coaching journey is not easy, it is a process of self-discovery that may be overwhelming as you learn more about yourself. So, having a professional, caring, and well-trained life coach, who can facilitate your journey with as little stress as possible, will help you to achieve your goals sufficiently. Your coach should make the experience rewarding and uplifting instead of scary and daunting. You owe it to yourself to hire the best life coach for your life situation. So don’t skimp when it comes to thoroughly investigate what they can truly offer. Ask questions and do your research but most of all listen to your intuition.

Living on Purpose: Eric Thomas – Succeeding with Autism

Eric Thomas is a 21 year old college student who has overcome major obstacles related to Autism to pursue his passion of being a video game application developer.  He was non-verbal at the age of two and was diagnosed with Autism at age 7. It is amazing to see his progress as he addressed a group of young adults with Autism in an effort be an inspiration to them. His message, you can achieve your dreams and goals despite your challenges with perseverance and support.

Eric is a graduate of Prince George’s County Public Schools Autism program of which he attended from middle and high school. The skills he learned in this program as well as the Mind Expansion Community Service, Inc (HIP KIDS) program helped him learn skills to live as an adult with Autism in the neurotypical world.

He went on to attend community college where he studied video game design. He has hosted his own YouTube video channel for the last seven years under the handle of Sonic72fast. He has now launched out into the world of Application Development. He has developed over 16 apps that are now available for download in the Google Play Store.

Congratulations Eric for living on purpose!!!

Time for a Change

Faith Hope Dream
Change requires faith, hope and dreams.

Change can be a nasty word.  Most people like things to stay the same without a lot of surprises.  Realistically that is not how life is.  We all go through change during our lives.  God has called many of us to change during this season.  You may find yourself experiencing something that you thought you never would have to.  You may be thinking this is some sort of punishment.  But it is not.

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A New Perspective on Destiny

I have not written in a few months. For those who follow me you know I write in spurts. I am very much an inspirational writer, I write when I am inspired. Well I have been re-energized after experiencing a spiritual revival that is taking place at my church this week. Prophet Todd Hall is spreading the prophetic word with true power and anyone who chooses not to grab hold of it is crazy.

Last night he stated that he asked God to overload him with Destiny so he could resist Desire. Awesome! I realize that is exactly what God is doing to me. I am too busy right now and I don’t mean idle busyness either. I am back in school completing my A.A. in communications. I was really amazed at how easily I rolled back into the process of school. I stopped going eight years ago when things in my life were crazy. During that time I could hardly focus on daily tasks much less multitask and it showed in my grades. But now it is almost effortless. That is the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am also building my business, I have four active projects that require a lot of my time, as I am primary on all of them. Then I am working full-time on a temporary assignment and all of this has to fit into my schedule as a single mother of three. Now don’t get me wrong I was exhausted last week. When I got home Friday I ate dinner and got in the bed. I stayed there until Saturday morning.

I posted on my Facebook page last week that I was doing things I had not done in years and it was not a struggle. Everything that I am doing is a step towards my destiny. I have some very definitive goals that must be accomplished and I can’t let anything distract me, especially not desire.

My desire had ruled my early adulthood and caused me to forfeit so much. I did not finish my education, I did not pursue my gifts and I did not pursue God. But all that has changed. I feel like he has given me a second chance and I intend to take full advantage of it.

Like prophet Hall said last night, how can I turn in the direction of desire when my destiny offers so much more. I see the desire and hear it beckoning to me but what God is offering is a whole lot better. I am not sacrificing my destiny, that will provide for my lifetime and the lifetime of my children, for desire that will only satisfy a moment, an emotion, a craving or a whim.


Procrastination Stops Here

Procrastination Slows You Down
Procrastination Slows You Down

There really is no reason why I have not written since January. I have attempted to write several times only to end up with nothing. Procrastination, hmm what a sneaky thing that creeps up in your path. It keeps you from moving when your mind is saying GO. It makes you say I will do it tomorrow then tomorrow you say I will do it tomorrow. It creates a never ending cycle of tomorrow that never seem to come to an end.

I am not professing to be perfect as I know I never will but I am professing to do a lot less procrastinating. I have been working on it since the beginning of this year. As I looked at my blog again today. I started to say that I would post something tomorrow. Instead I started typing. I am a writer by nature, if there is any such thing. So why don’t I write? I have been journaling more lately, which is very good because I had been blocked with that for so long. But now it seems much is pouring out of me. I have a new book idea and actually started writing it. At first I thought it would be an article but it really is much more than an article. I may decide to blog it first then turn it into a book.

I have not reached out to you all in a while but I wanted you to know that I am still here and love you all dearly. I cannot promise to post everyday, but I am committing to posting something at least once per week. I would love to here from you to know how you like my blog. I opened up comments without registration. So feel free to connect and let’s start a conversation.

I have many exciting things coming up and want you all to be a part of it, so keep visiting.

Celebrate Love

Love is on the Horizon
Love is on the Horizon

I watched a show tonight about Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, getting married. It was sad to watch him struggle with his condition but I was inspired by his zest for life. He was so excited about getting married. During the show another morbidly obese man in his town died. He is working very hard to lose the weight and regain his mobility.

It stirred something in me as I watched show. I imagine that it is probably the love he shares with his wife that fuels him and keeps him motivated. He has lost over 400 pounds and while he has much more to go he is optimistic. Love is so powerful and can give you the strength of ten people just knowing that someone loves you enough to stand by you when you are weak. To see the best in you even when you can’t or anyone else for that matter.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealously as cruel as the grave;
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house,
it would be utterly despised.”
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

I absolutely love this scripture because it speaks to the true essence of heartfelt and passionate love. As long as the beloved knows that she is secure in his heart she can feel secure. Isn’t that what we all are seeking? That true unconditional love that is 100% committed and gives you the confidence to do anything.

 It exists and better yet it is something God can give us and he has preordained for us to have with another person. Don’t count out love yet. If you have not found the one that you want to set you, as a seal upon their heart, don’t worry they are out there.