Start Your Own Business

There is so much involved in starting a business. It takes a lot of work and patience to successfully launch a business and turn a profit. However, many people underestimate the investment of time and planning that is involved before you get your first client or before the major expansion.

In 2010 my company celebrated ten years in business. I could not believe it had been that long. I started out part-time, just to have something to do while I was at home with my children. I grew to love the independence, the power in setting your own agenda, and helping others with their visions. I was making pretty good money on a part-time basis began to explore working the business full-time. But my life plan did not permit me to launch my business full-time.

Plan, Plan and Plan More

That did not stop me though. During my fifth year in business I started planning to launch the business full-time. I was going to launch when my youngest went to school all day. I conducted research and revised my business plan. I decided how I was going to expand, getting office space, adding additional services, and advertising. But it did not happen then. Life happened and I had to alter those plans slightly.

But life dealt me a pretty good hand back in December 2009 when I got laid off from my full-time job. My entrepreneurial spirit was reborn and I began a journey to revitalize my business. It feels good to see those plans come to life. In the process I added a new service, Life Coaching. Which I am passionate about and realize that I have been coaching most of my professional life.

New Opportunities

As our country recovered from the recession, companies were slow to hire. Therefore many are still without jobs. Although there is some growth in the job market, the game has changed. Now most entry-level positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. As a result many workers are displaced, including myself. But I turned this into an opportunity.

As I stated earlier, in 2010 I introduced Life Coaching. Since then it has become my primary business and I now longer have the original business that I started 15 years ago. I also returned to school to complete my bachelor’s degree in Psychology-Life Coaching to better position me for business opportunities as a Life Coach. When you are in business people want to know that you are a qualified professional in your area. Therefore pursuing additional education and credentials will lend credibility to your business.

I believe that independent contractors will fair better because companies are still weary about being saddled with the long-term expenses of carrying additional employees. Therefore, we will begin to see a trend of short-term contract positions. One of the most recent surges in this area can be seen with the company Uber, who hires drivers as independent contractors using their own vehicles to offer their transportation services. Traditionally a company would have purchased a fleet of vehicles and hired drivers. But this would have also cut into their profits. Are you ready to market yourself as an Independent Contractor? Do you know where to start?

Discover Your Passion

Start by discovering your passion and then what your marketable skills are. Look at some of the positions you are interested in and consider submitting a proposal to the hiring manager to bring you on as an independent contractor. But do your homework first. Research the type of service you want to provide and make sure that there is a demand. You must also make sure that you price your services appropriately. Ask for what you are worth but make sure it fits within industry standards and that you can justify your rates.

I am so thankful for those early years because I learned a lot about being in business, discovered my passion, and life purpose. I did my homework and planned how I to get started as an independent contractor and how to conduct my business. Those years of planning served as my foundation so when it is time to really launch, all I have to do is dust off my business plan, update some things, and get started.

In order to be successful in business your life plan needs to compliment your business plan. What ever you decide to do, do it passionately, and live your life on purpose.