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What is Life Coaching by Athena Thomas

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching only you are the player and the sport is living the best life you can. Living by focus, on purpose and not by accident. As your life coach I am your: Cheering squad – cheer you towards victory Defensive coordinator – push you to work hard and stay …

Living on Purpose: Joe Ehrmann “Be a Man”

Living on Purpose: Joe Ehrmann Living on purpose at times may set one in a position where they are fighting for a cause much bigger than themselves. In the second installment of this type of purpose, I highlight Joe Ehrmann, a coach on a mission to re-frame the sports industry in order to preserve real …

Living on Purpose: Kandice Sumner

[ted id=2616] Living on Purpose: Kandice Sumner Kandice boldly speaks out about the challenges of educating students in today’s public school system. Having been given the opportunity to get a “better” education as a result of mandatory desegregation and busing she shares her story and her passion for making education fair and accessible for all …

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