Day 34 – Time Management is a Key to Success

Time management is the ability to manage your schedule effectively to meet deadlines and accomplish goals. I am a Choleric personality type, which is a natural born leader. This type is goal oriented, loves a challenge, has high expectations for themselves and can be inpatient when learning new things. The Melancholy type is the very organized one who is good with time management. I do like things to be in order but I do not do well with managing my time.

I have become better at it by using tools such as my Google calendar and my Blackberry to keep up with appointments. However sometimes I tend to still get off track and underestimate my time. I have found this journey to be quite a challenge with regards to time management. I did not know going in exactly how much time would be needed to get this done.  I think I took for granted that I could just write at a certain time everyday and it would just be that simple.

Well that did not happen. I started out pretty steady writing mostly at night, but on days when I was tired or when life was going on I would not write. Then I would lose track of which day I was on in the journey. I did not anticipate the level of energy required to maintain such a schedule.

Properly anticipating the time and energy involved in completing a task is important to your success. If you go into the journey with low expectations you may end up missing your goal or accomplishing it at a much lower level. Do some homework or perhaps a trial run of the task prior to committing. Make sure you have the time and energy to devote to the successful completion prior to committing.

Proper time management is a key to success.  Use whatever tools you need to stay organized and manage your schedule. There are many free online calendar tools available such as Google Calendar that will sync with your handheld device. I also send myself reminders so that I know my daily schedule.

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