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What Are You Rooted In? Planting Seeds of Rejection Workbook and Journal by Athena Thomas
What Are You Rooted In? Planting Seeds of Rejection Workbook and Journal by Athena Thomas

Discover how to establish new paths to plant seeds of purpose into your life. Use the coaching information found in this series to dig up old roots that are keeping you from moving forward into peace and abundance.
Discover your true self and allow God to plant seeds of healing and purpose that will rejuvenate your spirit, your life, and your coaching journey. Yes, this is a journey through a workbook that contains coaching exercises and tips that you can use to facilitate your new growth.


The Life Calling Coach has created a series of life coaching workbooks designed to help you:

  • Get unstuck
  • Establish focus
  • Grow Spiritually
  • Develop a plan to live on purpose.

Each workbook focuses on specific root issues, such as rejection or fear, that may cause you to miss the mark when you attempt certain life goals.

The workbooks include:

  • Real life scenarios based on Coach Athena’s personal journey
  • Life lesson applications
  • Journal prompts
  • Life coaching exercises

The workbooks are self-paced for individuals or groups. Everything you need is in this book including a journal.

What Are You Rooted in? Planting Seeds of Purpose for Rejection Workbook and Journal

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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching only you are the player and the sport is living the best life you can. Living by focus, on purpose and not by accident.

As your life coach I am your:

  • Cheering squad – cheer you towards victory
  • Defensive coordinator – push you to work hard and stay focused
  • Play coach – help you develop your strategy and game plan so you can focus on meeting your life goals.

I listen intently and reflect on what is said to help you use spiritual guidance to focus and fulfill your life purpose.
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Why Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching:

  • Guides you spiritually to enable you to discover and live out your life purpose.
  • Keeps faith in the coaching process.

The following story demonstrates how Jesus helped a man refocus his life and walk into his destiny.

A man laid at the side of the pool of Bethesda for 38 years seeking healing. Jesus asked him “Do you want to be whole?” The man said that he could not get healed because no one would help him get in the pool. Jesus told him Yes You Can Today and healed him directly. He then told the man “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” (John 5:6-8 Paraphrased)

Healing was restored to his body and focus to his life.

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